How To Sell Responsive Web Design To Your Clients

Author Bio: Tomer Lerner is an award-winning designer and a UX Manager at Webydo – the code-free website design platform for professional designers – where he manages the UX development team to push beyond the limits of creativity. The variety of devices and screen sizes being used to access website content is more varied today […]


28 Photo Compositing Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop

Many designers use Photoshop as a graphics editing tool or as a tool for creating website mockups. However Photoshop is primarily meant for digital photo editing. One such area of work is compositing which takes two(or more) photos and combines them together into one photo. Compositing is a difficult skill to pickup but very powerful […]


Best Online Courses for Teaching Yourself New Design Skills

Keeping up with modern skillsets is crucial if you want to succeed as a designer. All skills should be on the table from Adobe software to icon design and even RoR development. Unfortunately it can be difficult to learn all of this stuff from books and it’s not always viable to sign up for classes. […]


10 Amazing Web Designs that Tell a Compelling Story

Storytelling is a major component of every successful brand. The ability to tap into the emotions of your target audience by crafting a compelling story can help them identify more with the products and services your brand offers. Below are examples of top-notch stories told through design that you should strive for with your own […]


30 Inspiring Pastel Colored Website Layouts

Although composition may be the framework of a great design, color is the extra little detail which makes a project feel truly complete. Color schemes can be used to evoke feelings and attitudes about a particular design or piece of content. In the past we’ve covered the use of color in web design and how […]