Beginner’s Tutorials for various Content Management Systems

Backend frameworks are the quickest and safest method to launch a new project online. Developers all over the world contribute to various CMS projects to ensure bugs are fixed and new features upgrade smoothly. But when this is all new to someone it can be very confusing, or even off-putting because there’s so much to […]

10 Things Every Web Developer Should Do to Woo High-Paying Clients

Every freelancer dreams of a land flowing with milk and honey where the perfect web development clients are ready and waiting to spend big bucks for a rocking website. A land where prospects understand the intricacies of the art and respect the skill and expertise of you, the developer, without giving you a 6 for […]

40 CSS Apps, Tools, and Resources for Web Developers

The task of coding a new website is often repetitive and time-consuming. It takes effort and hard work to build an HTML/CSS layout fitted properly in all browsers. Alternatively the design process is much more fluid to allow for new ideas and thought patterns. If you feel the web development cycle takes a bit too […]

Common Challenges Freelance Designers Face – and How to Deal With Them

Becoming a freelancer has a LOT of perks, and many people with desk jobs regularly express envy about the freelancing lifestyle. What they may not know is that while there are a lot of great things about the life of freelance designers, there are also challenges that people who have 9 to 5 jobs may […]

20 Examples of Beautiful & Elegant Landing Pages

Editor’s Note: David works for Radley, who create beautiful handbags and purses. When he’s not working, he enjoys studying user interface and product design. For businesses on the web, beautiful design can go a long way. Great landing pages have been discussed before on this site, but I find with each design there’s always something […]

Coupon Code and FREEBIE: Expand Your Design Tools Arsenal With The New Colossal Bundle From Inky Deals

If you’re in the design business, you probably have heard of Inky Deals, one of the leading deals web sites for designers. We at SpyreStudios are big fans, actually, and we gave away 471 premium design resources last year, thanks to Inky Deals’s generosity. We’re once again partnering up with them to provide SpyreStudios readers […]

30 Warm Examples of Yellow Website Layouts

Any color enthusiast will know how important it is to pick the right color scheme. A creative project will be vastly affected by the seemingly harmless choice of colors. Especially websites that require a lot of user interaction, since the user’s focus will be constantly locked onto the screen. Yellow tends to permeate warmth, brilliance, […]

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