28 Free Online Tools & Resources for Web Designers

With the increasing popularity of web design there are more online resources available now than ever before. In the past we’ve covered top design tools that included both premium and free options. But since most designers would prefer to use free tools that $0.00 price tag is much more useful and in-demand. In this gallery […]

Graphic Design Tips to Make Your Infographic Stand Out

Editor’s note:  This post was written by  Scott Huntington, a graphic designer and blogger from Pennsylvania. Follow him on Twitter @SMHUntington. What’s the difference between a good infographic and a great infographic? It’s all in the design. While the information in an infographic is unquestionably important, the design is what actually draws a person in. If the […]

8 Killer Ways to Design Higher Converting Web Forms

There’s no question that web forms are one of the most important elements of your website. They’re used to capture payment info, user signups, email address, and all kinds of important information. For this reason, you should be spending a lot of time on the design of your web forms to ensure they’re converting well. […]

User Experience Design Concepts from Google Inbox

Google’s newest creation is slowly being lowered on fiber-optic cables à la Frankenstein’s Monster. Google Inbox is meant to redefine how Gmail users interact with and archive their messages. It’s still being tweaked and currently riding on invite-only status. I’ve managed to get access to Inbox and want to cover a few ideas from the […]

Design Tips for Well-Crafted Slideshows and Image Carousels

Landing on a website that prominently features a stunning image carousel fills me with satisfaction & delectation. Well that may be somewhat exaggerated, but it’s a good feeling to know that designers and developers work hard to create such amazing content carousels. The problem is that not every website uses a well-functioning carousel – and […]

Responsive Techniques that Every Website Should Use

The trendy examples of modern responsive design have grown quite popular out of a need for homogenous interfaces among an ever-growing sea of devices. Based on the rules of supply and demand, where there’s a demand there is supply. The immense popularity of flexible website layouts has created a market of educational tools for developers […]

5 Game Apps With The Creepiest Art Direction

Resident Evil and Silent Hill have revolutionized the horror genre in the gaming industry. What made these games successfully elicit blood-curdling screams from gamers is how each is able to create a tense atmosphere through its art direction that builds into the game’s hair-raising climax. While the iPhone and Android smartphones do not have the […]

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