insanely beautiful leaflet designs

15 Insanely Beautiful Leaflet Designs

Editor’s note: Chris is a print design enthusiast with a passion for minimalism. He has collected over 100 leaflets over the years, which now serve as inspiration for his design projects. You can follow him on Twitter. Leaflets are everywhere, but most of the time, they can be pretty boring and also, rather dull. A lot […]


38 Amazingly Well-Designed Emoji Iconsets

Emoticons have a long history on the world wide web. They got started back in the day of chatrooms and AOL Instant Messenger but have since grown to all chat programs. Even smartphones in the form of emojis. The purpose of an emoticon is to display an emotion or facial expression using a smiley face […]

The QR Code Quandary: Is There Saving This Maligned Marketing Tool?

The QR Code Quandary: Is There Saving This Maligned Marketing Tool?

There was a time when QR codes are the hottest thing in the marketing world. Originally designed by Denso Wave in 1994, these were used by the automotive industry in Japan to track different parts in manufacturing the vehicles. Due to its readability and ability to store large information as opposed to other UPC barcodes, […]


40 Vector Illustration Scenes for Website Layouts

Digital art has engorged into a tremendous field of painting, vectors, and even animation. Designers who can build impressive scenes with Illustrator or Sketch have a leg up on the competition. But if you’re still new to vector design it may help to study other work and learn from those with more experience. Dribbble is […]


10 Smartphone & Tablet Mobile Apps for Prototyping

Digital prototyping is a popular activity for creating simple interface mockups. The UI design process starts with an idea which is then fleshed out into a mockup. But most of the time the initial mockup(s) will be styled in low-fidelity wireframes which are then improved through color and texture. The following mobile apps are perfect […]