33 Open Source Sass-Based CSS Code Snippets

Nothing says experienced frontend developer quite like Sass. From agencies to freelancers, it seems like everyone is talking about Sass/SCSS development. Although it may seem daunting at first, Sass is easy to learn with just a bit of practice and patience. Once you understand SASS basics your dev workflow will improve dramatically. Beyond the basics […]


Essential WordPress Plugins to Make the Designer’s Life Easier

WordPress takes the cake when it comes to flexibility and customization. Designers have the option to take an existing theme and tweak it as they see fit to create a web design that not only communicates their branding effectively, but also delivers content in the easiest and most convenient way possible. There are countless of resources […]


Creating Your Dependency Management Symphony Using Composer

As a developer, it is a necessity to use a front-end framework to manage your CSS and JavaScript when building pages in a website. However, an obstacle you may encounter when doing so is the repetitiveness and time-consuming process involved in updating the framework to its latest version and rolling back to their previous versions when something […]


Best JavaScript Libraries for Building Web Interfaces

Web application development is typically considered the realm of PHP and Ruby. Granted these are both safe and recommended languages for larger applications, but JavaScript has become useful as an intermediary. And with all the free information online it’s easier than ever to teach yourself how to build JS-powered webapps.