Win Three Premium ThemeFuse WordPress Themes!

If you are looking for a great new theme for your WordPress site, you are in luck! Our friends at ThemeFuse have a very special offer for three of our lucky readers. Up for grabs: three premium WordPress themes licenses! If you are already using WordPress, you can use one of these themes to spruce […]

Routines for Practicing your Frontend Development Skills

Let’s face it – any skillset worth acquiring takes time and lots of practice. The most fitting yet ironic way to improve is by screwing up and learning from your mistakes. While this process may not benefit the aspiring counterfeiter, mistakes are often the quickest and most resilient teaching methods. Web development is perhaps one […]

How To Become A More Productive Design Blogger

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Gary Dek, a full-time blogger and SEO expert from California. His passion is helping new and professional bloggers build sustainable online businesses. It’s not easy to become a successful blogger, even when it’s your full-time job. So how do you build a high-traffic blog with a strong community […]

Mobile and Web UI/UX Tips to Retain Customers

Editor’s note: This post was written by Sagar, who started Webwingz in 2000, with a vision to make the web a better place. Starting from a small garage and a Pentium 1, he now leads a small army of proficient designers and developers to produce premium digital identities. He started in 2010 and has users […]

Check Out These Top Tools And Resources For Web Designers

You will never find two websites that are exactly alike; every project is unique. And when it comes to designers, the same holds true. They all have their own preferences, talents, skills and style. However, strangely enough, just about every designer I come across thinks they know where to get all the best design tools […]

22 Web & Graphic Design Tutorials for Learning Sketch 3

More and more digital designers have made the switch over to Sketch by Bohemian Coding. This is a newer program made only for Mac OS X which behaves much like Photoshop and Illustrator combined. You can work with vector graphics, pixel graphics, photos, icons, really anything you’d desire. The GUI is a little different but […]

7 Great Web Designs For “Un-Sexy” Products

Editor’s note: This post was written by Scott Huntington, a graphic designer and blogger from Pennsylvania. Follow him on Twitter: @SMHuntington. Not every product on the market can be glamorous, sexy and frequently shared on Pinterest. However, these products are still very necessary and important to millions of people. These industries exist to help companies or every […]

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