26 Unique Tech Gadget Websites for Design Inspiration

New technology is constantly hitting the marketplace and capturing the attention of early adopters. Lots of cool gadgets have been created for smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and even 3D printing. Modern Internet startups have also pushed the boundaries on 21st century technology. This gallery focuses on a collection of website layouts dedicated to tech […]

Tips, Tricks, and Considerations for Designing an E-Commerce Website

A business owner who’s considering a venture into the e-commerce world should not take that step lightly. If properly pursued, however, it can be one of the smartest financial decisions you ever make. More and more shoppers are moving from retail shopping in the physical world to online shopping, so the Internet marketplace is exploding. […]

Tips for Planning a Lean Versatile User Experience

A typical user experience design focuses on many factors that you might not initially consider. Interacting with a website or mobile app is a two-fold process – the user performs some action like a click or swipe, and the interface responds accordingly. This is the general nature of user experience design. The question is how […]

Win 2 Free Developer Licenses for Elegant Themes’ New Social Share Plugin – Monarch

As web user experience design continues to evolve, we’re seeing lots of innovation geared towards making user experiences more pleasant while also improving engagement and conversions for business. Web development and design is a rich marketplace poised for growth continued into the future as far as we can see. On the heels of that, popular […]

11 Most Interesting and Inspirational Packaging Designs

Editor’s note: This post was written by Jonny Rowntree, a freelance writer working with digital printing company Elanders UK. Jonny has a background working in technological media, writing articles for The Next Web, Creative Bloq and Buffer. You can find him on Twitter: @shoutjonny and Google+ Jonny Rowntree. In order to entice customers during busy shopping periods, for instance […]

30 Scholastic College & University Website Layouts

Modern education has become much more advanced with a larger Internet presence than ever before. Colleges and universities basically need a website to promote tuition fees, academics, campus life, and plenty of similar resources. But unfortunately not every college website has been designed with elegance or grace. I’ve organized 30 gorgeous website layouts created for […]

Simple Ideas to Improve Web Design Mockups

The process of designing a full website layout comes in many stages. First is sometimes procrastination followed by sketching or writing down ideas. Then after getting frustrated and trashing all those ideas the process will repeat until a usable concept is born. At this point most designers will move on to actually designing a full […]

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