32 Easy-to-Follow Photoshop Print Design Tutorials

The world of print design is long and expansive covering many different areas of focus. Adobe has many programs which cater to the print artists including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. A professional designer should learn as many programs as needed to create whatever they wish to achieve. While InDesign may be perfect for a magazine […]

The Web Apps That Web Designers And Developers Need To Use

There are numerous project management and process streamline programs available to help you, whether you are a freelancer or entrepreneur or a small business owner, to improve the ways in which you do business and thereby improve your bottom line. Some of these applications are free; some are not. A few are cloud-based. All are […]

Vector Design Workflow Between Photoshop and Illustrator

Have you ever had daydreams about finding the perfect procedure for designing interfaces? Well if so you might have a slight addiction to work so that’s something to keep in mind. But I’m here to say that your workflow can be improved if you cut down on the daydreaming and get more into daydoing. Now […]

Typography Guidelines for Creating Balanced Website Layouts

Whether you design on paper, in graphics software, or in a web browser, typography is something that you’ll have to consider. No website or poster would be complete without some bits of text on the page. But text alone is not good enough – the symmetrical design and structure of text on a page is […]

Win Three Premium ThemeFuse WordPress Themes!

If you are looking for a great new theme for your WordPress site, you are in luck! Our friends at ThemeFuse have a very special offer for three of our lucky readers. Up for grabs: three premium WordPress themes licenses! If you are already using WordPress, you can use one of these themes to spruce […]

Routines for Practicing your Frontend Development Skills

Let’s face it – any skillset worth acquiring takes time and lots of practice. The most fitting yet ironic way to improve is by screwing up and learning from your mistakes. While this process may not benefit the aspiring counterfeiter, mistakes are often the quickest and most resilient teaching methods. Web development is perhaps one […]

How To Become A More Productive Design Blogger

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Gary Dek, a full-time blogger and SEO expert from California. His passion is helping new and professional bloggers build sustainable online businesses. It’s not easy to become a successful blogger, even when it’s your full-time job. So how do you build a high-traffic blog with a strong community […]

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