12 Places for Design Inspiration


One of the best ways to expand your creativity is to take in as much inspiration in the fields of design, art, photography, typography and more. By exposing yourself to the creative word of others you’ll be able to see what’s already out there, identify the way you would change designs people have already created, learn new techniques, develop your craft, and come up with new ways of creating.

When you’re designing something for a new project or just for fun, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What makes this design or concept stand out from others?
  • How is it similar to what’s already out there?
  • What is the style for this type of design?
  • Does the style of this design work well with the concept?
  • Where is the inspiration coming from for this project?
  • What elements could I remove from this design to make it easier to use?
  • What features could I add to this design to make it more functional?

The best way to answer the questions above is honestly to think about how other people have done things before you. Check out websites, designs, and concepts and look at what’s missing and what could make those designs better. The best way to get inspired and improve your design projects is to have a list of sites to visit every day for inspiration, and then just spend some time browsing and write down any ideas or concepts you come up with in a notepad. Check out some of my favorite sites featured below for design inspiration.

1. Web Design Ledger: Web Design Ledger is a site jam-packed with inspiration for designers, developers, and creative individuals. You’ll find links to freebies, tutorials, and inspiration posts.


2. Enfuzed: Enfuzed is a graphic design and web design blog that showcases a menagerie of design inspiration as well as useful articles for design. What’s great about Enfuzed is that it features a basic layout so you’re not distracted by anything and just focus on a lot of awesome design inspiration.


3. Design Taxi: Here you’ll find everything from industry talk, photos of the day, and quirky design inspiration you wouldn’t find anywhere else.


4. Creative Market: Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted design resources for designers and anyone interested in creating beautiful paper goods, web elements, and graphic design, and more. It’s a great source of inspiration for any designer, whether you’re an illustrator, web designer or developer, or graphic designer because you can browse through a variety of products designed to make design easier. Check out:

Creative Market

5.  DesignSkilz: This blog is meant to entirely be a source of inspiration for anyone creative. It features numerous articles on everything ranging from architecture to photography to typography for anyone to find inspiration. Check out some of the inspiration featured on the site:


6.  DeMilked: This website is a design milking magazine that works to milk the minds of the best designers and creatives around the world. There’s everything from interior design inspiration to inspiring architecture to web design. You’ll find creative posts like these:


7.  Design Your Trust: This website is a collective publishing creative blog that allows anyone and everyone to apply and submit creative inspiration from around the web. The site is constantly updating with creative posts and information. If you find something inspiring in the world of design, feel free to sign up and start collaborating with this creative community.

8. Design Swan: This site is a complete curation of inspirational articles and posts, as well as technology, graphics, and design resources. In addition to offering inspirational posts, Design Swan highlights graphic design and web design freebies available to help designers get their work done faster.

Design Swan

Some of the inspirational posts you’ll see:

9. Design Boom: This online magazine features the latest news when it comes to design, inspiration, and architecture. You’ll see the latest when it comes to art, and you can even participate in competitions, read the latest design-related interviews, and more.


10. Abduzeedo: This site curates the best of the best when it comes to design and inspiration. The editors find and showcase only the most exceptional work.


You’ll find information and inspiration like:

11. Pondly: Pondly is one of my favorite sources for creative inspiration. This site finds and showcases everything from interesting illustrations to cool web design artwork. The editors of this site find and showcase the best and most creative visual artists from around the globe in one place. I could easily spend hours looking through the new artists’ work featured daily on this site.

12. COLOURlovers: COLOURlovers is the ultimate in color inspiration for all avenues of design. You’ll find tools to help you create color palettes, you’ll be able to browse through color combinations created by others, and so much more.