15 Websites Devoted to Comic Book Culture

There are not as many communities online for comic fans, but the community is alive and thriving. Many festivals and events are thrown every year in celebration of comic book culture. There are practically an endless amount of series to check out in the world of comics.

And you can even find new series produced as Kickstarter comics. In this gallery I’ve put together a handful of websites promoting comic books and their culture. Regardless of age or gender comic books have a way of captivating the reader with visuals and a storyboard-style format. Take a peek at these websites to read more about the realm of comic books.

Comics Alliance

comics alliance website layout 2014

Comic Vine

dark comic vine website layout inspiring ui


emanata ipad iphone indie comics app

Comic Book Resources

comic book resources homepage layout


comic mix 2014 website design culture influence

Midtown Comics

midtown comics homepage layout inspiring ui design

Comic Book Movies

comic book movies community blog website

Comic Related Forums

comicrelated website community forums ipb web design

The Beat

the beat blog magazines news comic book culture

Super Hero Hype

superhero hype comic books movies website blog

Comic Geek Speak

comic geek speak website design 2014 layout


ifanboy comic book website design layout inspiration

Comic Book DB

comic book database website digital catalog online


toondo comic book webapp creator resource homepage


pixton webapp comic maker 2014 homepage layout