18 Desktop Programs for Drawing & Illustrating

Recently I’ve been looking into digital illustration along with painting and other forms of composition. Traditional A4/pencil work is still the go-to solution for any illustrator. But digital work is often quicker and easier to clean up – if you work in the right software. Nowadays there are many more expensive solutions but you don’t need to feel shackled into using a single program.

To help newer creative artists I’ve put together this small collection of programs for drawing and illustrating. You can get work done using a mouse and keyboard, but the digital tablets are much easier and better-suited for drawing. In the past we’ve written about drawing apps for iPad and these desktop programs are the perfect extension for your artwork.


artrage 4 software drawing program

SketchBook Pro

sketchbook pro software program drawing tablet

Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator software program drawing app

Toon Boom Storyboard

toon boom software storyboard drawing animation

Manga Studio 5

manga studio 5 portfolio website layout

Corel Painter X3

corel painter x3 software program desktop


idraw illustration program software interface osx


artweaver pro screenshot software interface


gimp software drawing program screenshot digital artwork


eazydraw mac osx software screenshot interface


inkscape software program drawing interface gui


krita software program screenshot drawing painting


pixia japanese drawing software open source free

StoryBoard Artist

storyboard artist software program drawing

Blank Ink

black ink software drawing sketching program artwork


sumopaint online desktop webapp digital drawing painting software


mypaint software program drawing illustrating digital

Microsoft Fresh Paint

open drawing illustration software program microsoft freshpaint