20 Well-Designed Blogs and Magazines for Video Game News

Household video games have been around for quite a few decades now. Each generation of gaming has really changed from the previous iteration. Nowadays it is fairly common for kids and most adults to know about some generation of gaming. With such popularity in this market, new studios will release Kickstarter games or mobile apps to get into the scene.

Thankfully you can also find many websites promoting these new games and offering their review. In this post I’ve collected 20 informing blogs and gaming magazines online. These sites often publish breaking news about conferences or new releases. Anyone who enjoys staying up-to-date on trends will definitely want to check out these websites.

Game Rekon

game rekon homepage magazine layout 2014


1up gaming video computer layout blog design


eurogamer video game magazine blog layout design


siliconera website layout inspiring video game blog news


2player video game mmo online blog news magazine


extra continue video game news magazine blog homepage

Nova Crystallis

nova crystallis square enix magazine inspiration


video game gamenesia blog news opinion pieces

Broken Cartridge

broken cartridge video game blog online big typoraphy


gearnuke video game tech anime news website

Video Gamer

videogamer homepage blog news magazine console pc games


destructoid video game magazine blog news website


jump to gamer website homepage magazine news articles


gematsu gaming tech news blog inspiration


dualshockers controllers blog magazine video game news


video games gamewise community website homepage 2014 design


thirty plus gamer video game blog website layout


game smack ireland inspiring website design layout

Official Xbox Magazine

oxm official xbox microsoft gaming magazine online website


mii gamer blog website magazine nintendo news

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