20 Examples of Cool Sports Websites


Editor’s note:

This post is written by Julia Blake,  a young passionate blogger interested in web design and everything connected with it. Currently, she works with MotoCMS – a progressive website builder. 

Sports related websites are of many types: sport clubs, news portals, personal pages, fan clubs and sportswear brands. The main factor to unite all these sites is sport, but their web designs have no limitations or strict rules. The majority of sport news sites are very content-heavy and it is a big challenge to make them look simple and attractive. Personal pages are usually modern and creative, but the balance of style and simplicity should be achieved as well.

This post covers websites of many categories and I would love to share them with you. I picked the themes not by their popularity or business success, but how they express drive, motion, energy and the personality of their owners.

Miami Heat Official Website


This website design is made in prevailing dark colors and uses a photographic background. It is expressive and captivating.

Calgary Stampeders Team Site


What we have here is a website with a splash page and a pretty cool overall design. Dark background with a picture on it looks inviting.

Cleveland Golf Company Website


This black and white website with a large home page has many up-to-date features – a jQuery slider is among them.

3n2 Sports Brand Website


I find this website highly functional. There is a drop-down navigation menu, user-friendly products catalog and easy-to-use search box. A splendid design makes this theme inspiring and powerful.

Babe Ruth Webpage


This a bit old-fashioned website captured my attention due to a theme-like design with numerous baseball equipment pictures and parchment styled pages.

Cannondale Bicycle Manufacturer Website


This website is adorable due to its background slideshow and easy-to-navigate thanks to the vertical menu bar.

David Barton Gym Website


Here we see a site with an exclusive dark design, mysterious background pattern and illustrated navigation menu.

Diving Club Website


I love this theme for its vivid and vibrant imagery. Background slideshow is accompanied with a grid-based photo gallery.

DMT Cycling Shoes Producer Website


I highly appreciate this site for the imagery use – the design consists of pictures mainly, plus they are changing one another in a creative manner.

Dwyane Wade Personal Page


This design created as a personal page is great for the combination of rather conservative look and awesome sense of style.

River Rafting Club Website


This up-to-date theme is equipped with a large jQuery slider, which moves from page to page together with users. I like its dark design.

Sports Club/LA Webpage


This single page website is simple yet impressive. 3D images of sportsmen are what I like the most about it.

WWE Official Website


Here is a website with a powerful black design and a large neutrally-colored Footer. The background is exciting.

Gatorade Brand Website


It is a truly awesome website. An organized layout with a big jQuery image slider and sliding gallery makes the homepage eye-catchy.

Hawkeye Sports Athletic Website


I added this black and yellow website to this list, because it is content-heavy and multi-functional yet attractive. The template is filled with media files, which are arranged in cool video and photo galleries.

Kobe Bryant Personal Webpage


This personal web page has a great look, because of the dark textured background and structured layout. Moreover, this site is definitely user-friendly.

Manchester City Football Club Website


This website demonstrates a pleasing design made in different shades of blue. The site is bright and highly illustrative.

NHL Official Site


This content-rich theme is created in traditional black and white color scheme and is a true example of informative but thrilling sports websites.

Pele Sports Website


This web design demonstrates a wise use of page space, while the theme is developed with accurate boxes and blocks for the content. It is a nice site to look at.

Running Club Website


I consider this theme to be an appealing design because of the stylish appearance and original background look.

That was my choice of great designs, now it would be a pleasure for me to know what your best loved sports related sites are. Comments below are highly appreciated.