20 Popular Infographics about Web Design & Development

The growing support for digital infographics has paved a road for new ideas to blossom on the Internet. Any topic or subject you think should have more attention could be put into an easy-to-read infographic. Internet users typically like this stuff because it has real facts combined with beautiful graphics, and often includes external source links at the bottom.

This gallery focuses on 20 popular and desirable infographics related to website design and development. Anybody who works on the web can probably find something of interest in this collection. I love infographics because they challenge you to think about topics you may have never thought about beforehand.

Web Design Trends for 2013

web design trends 2013 infographic design

The Anatomy of a Successful Responsive Website

responsive mobile website anatomy infographic

Principles of Effective Web Design in 2013

principles of effective web design 2013 infographic

7 Ways to Avoid Scary Web Design

avoiding scary web design horror infographic

Trends in Form & Function

2013 infographic trends in form design

The Current Capacity of WordPress

current capacity of wordpress infographic numbers

The Trending Wonders of WordPress

trending wonders wordpress numbers infographic

Anatomy of a WordPress Theme

anatomy of a wordpress theme infographic design

Fundamentals in Web Design Transformation

fundamentals web design transformation history

Web Design Facts in 2013

web design trends facts 2013 inspiring infographic

Things to do before developing a website

26 things do before developing website layout

Web Designing from Evolution to Revolution

web design evolution to revolution infographic

Mobile Web Design for Magento Websites

mobile web design magneto websites infographic

The Recipe for a Perfect Landing Page

recipe for a perfect landing website webpage infographic

Freelance to Freedom Flowchart

freelance to freedom flow chart infographic design

The Psychology of Color

clean infographic psychology of color infographic design

A Guide To Web Hosting

guide to web hosting infographic internet

JavaScript Frameworks and jQuery

comparison javascript libraries and jquery infographic

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

loading time affects website performance infographic

The Anatomy of an Effective Homepage

anatomy of effective homepage infographic design