22 JavaScript/jQuery Tutorials for New Web Developers

Frontend web development is the hottest area for modern user interactivity. You can build practically any type of user interaction when you understand the concepts behind JavaScript. DOM manipulation is a hugely popular technique which, coupled with Ajax requests, can build one incredible user experience.

In this showcase I have collected 22 exciting jQuery & JavaScript tutorials for newer web developers. These are perfect for somebody who has a very basic understand of what a “scripting language” does, but still has no real world applications. If you can spend even 1 or 2 hours practicing these tutorials you’ll be well on your way to mastering JavaScript development. And jQuery is the perfect library to start with based on its open source nature and huge pool of development resources.

Smooth Page Scroll

jQuery Page scroll to top effect

Area Charts with D3.js

Area Charts for 3d JavaScript code design

Swatch Book with CSS3/jQuery

jQuery/CSS3 swatch book coding

Fullscreen Slider with jQuery and CSS3

Split website panels and jQuery

3D Flipping Circles

Purple 3d circles with jQuery

Slideshow with jmpress.js

jQuery slider wrapper div tutorial

Lateral On-Scroll Sliding

jQuery lateral webpage scrolling feature

Thumbnail Proximity Effects

Thumbnail image blur/focus effects

Item Blur with CSS3/jQuery

jQuery filter blur effects tutorial

Portfolio Image Navigation

jQuery portfolio website tutorial Codrops

Scrollbar Visibility

Jscrollpane website scrollbar tutorial

jQuery Overlay

Overlay effect with JavaScript and jQuery

Thumbnails Preview Slider

jQuery Preview Slider pane tutorial

Fullscreen Slideshow with HTML5 Audio

HTML5 Audio player fullscreen preview

Animated Form Switching

jQuery dynamic form switching tutorial

Custom Banner Animations

custom jQuery tutorial advertisement banner animations

Compact News Preview

Contact news previewer screen tutorial

Photo Stack Gallery

Beautiful jQuery/CSS3 photograph stacks tutorial

Image Highlighting

jQuery image highlight effect design tutorial

Parallax Website with Stellar.js

Envatio website parallax tutorial

Sticky Navigation Header

sticky navigation website design tutorial

Orman Clark’s Vertical Navigation

jQuery Accordion menu with jQuery tutorial