24 Outstanding Design Agency Portfolio Layouts

Creative agencies have been popping up on the web in mass for nearly a decade. With more information available it’s no wonder we have seen such a rise in freelance talent. Design agencies and personal portfolios have become the modern resume of creative peoples.

In this wonderful gallery I’ve put together 24 examples of web studio portfolios. These layouts showcase some very attractive features which you may take into consideration for your own design. Modal views, responsive grids, jQuery galleries, and a whole bunch of other futuristic concepts make an appearance. And building on the framework of open source means you have dozens of pre-built code projects at your disposal!

Two Arms Inc.

Social Forces

Create Digital Media



Cast Iron Design Company

The Neighbourhood


Andy Mangold

Kisko Labs

Tep Chann Nimmith TEK


Studio Breakfast

Ninja Lab Studios


Don’t Worry Design Co.

Two Point Design

Doug Harris Design



Worry Free Labs

BAKER Branding and Design


here design.