25 Free Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010/2013

I can remember first using MS Office 2000 way back in the day. The updates added into Office 2003 were phenomenal and really pushed the boundaries of desktop software. Microsoft Office 2007 incorporate even more changes which are now prominently found in Office 2010/2013. Developers who really love this software will create add-ins for unique custom features.

I have crawled Google and put together 25 promising add-ins supported by Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013. All of these add-ins are completely free to download and use forever. The Office software package includes so many great programs like Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. Add-ins are meant to expand the default functionality while also improving your workflow.

Classic Menu 32bit

classic menu office addin 32bit 64bit

Onetastic for OneNote

office microsoft onenote plugin addin management

Storage Clouds

cloud storage solutions addin cloudapp dropbox

Office Timeline

timeline addin free microsoft office powerpoint

Visual Bee

addin visual bee office microsoft

MediaWiki Add-in

saving microsoft office mediawiki files

Office Creative Commons

creative commons license addin microsoft office

Excel Content Cleaner

ablebits addin microsoft office excel content

Microsoft Mathematics

office microsoft word addin math symbols

Office Tabs

microsoft office tabs word documents addin

Kutools for Outlook

outlook microsoft office kutools extended addin


twitter addin microsoft office outlook

Harmonie Google Docs

harmonie google docs addin outlook office

Stamp Closed Captions Add-in

microsoft powerpoint addin closed captions

Keep Outlook Running

microsoft office outlook addin minimize

Essential Excel

microsoft office addin essential excel tools


quanp addin microsoft office downloader

Gliffy Diagrams

microsoft office addin gliffy diagrams


microsoft office addin lucid chart 2010 2013

Merriam Webster Dictionary

microsoft office addin merriam webster dictionary


task management addin microsoft word office

Outlook Smart Contacts

outlook microsoft office addin contacts menu

Office Notes & Todo

microsoft office addin notes taking todo tasks

Hyperlinks Checker

microsoft office word hyperlinks checker addin

Consolidate Worksheets

microsoft excel office addin combine worksheets