25 Kick-Ass Blog Designs (My Favorites)

There are a lot of really slick blog designs from very talented designers out there. So I thought I’d make a list of my all time favorite ones, hopefully you’ll find some you’ve never seen on this list. Here we go:

A List Apart is probably one of my favorite blogs because of the quality of the content but also because of the clean and (always) fresh design.A List Apart

Armen Thomassian put this new design online not so long ago and I must say I totally love it! It’s dark, it’s fresh and I love the wooden background.Armen Thomassian

Blogsessive has this cool mascot/character in the header. Really catchy!Blosessive

I just love this design! Spoon Graphics Blog has this massive header, you just can’t forget it. Great work!Spoon Graphics Blog

Design Reviver is fairly new and caught my attention immediately. The ‘Grungy’ feel is very popular right now, and Design Reviver pulls it off very nicely.Design Reviver

DevLounge has to be one of my favorite minimalist design. Excerpts on the frontpage and minimal use of colors always does the trick.
Dev Lounge

Don’t Trust This Guy has very nice typography, I’m not a big fan of sIFR though but this design is just great!Dont Trust This Guy

Gotta love the background images on Evan Eckard’s site!Evan Eckard

iDesignStudios has a very dark design with pattern background. I’m usually not a big fan of light text on dark background but this one is very artistic and for some reason the light on dark doesn’t bother me at all! And you got a cool mascott/character in the header, always nice! :)I Design Studios

Left aligned, content/sidebar/sidebar layout, Josh Spear is just great! Not your typical blog design, feels good and is refreshing.Josh Spear

On top of being a Bikini.com Supermodel, Larissa Meek is a kick-ass designer! Can you tell I love pattern backgrounds?Larissa Meek

Noupe has an impressive and very unique blog design. I’m sure there’s was a lot of efforts put into this design. No wonder this blog is growing pretty fast.Noupe

I really like how they put the recent posts and bookmarks on the blog homepage at OnWired.OnWired

Pearsonified is without a doubt my favorite blog design! Period.Pearsonified

Photoshop Lady has some cool mascots/cartoons in the header. Nice use of icons both in the vertical menu and in the content area (left of titles and below posts excerpts)Photoshop Lady

Can you find the menu on Playground Blues? Move your mouse to the left of the page. See? That’s kick-ass!Playground Blues

I had to include ProBlogger on this list. Main reason is because I find Darren’s new design is such a huge improvement over the previous design. Magazine-style with DOMTabs below the posts in the middle section. Good job!Problogger

PS Hero recently changed the design and it’s great! The header is awesome!PS Hero

Nice use of transparent PNGs on Simply Fired. Ok IE6 doesn’t really like that, but it’s a great design nonetheless.Simply Fired

You just can’t miss Dan Rubin’s Superfluous Banter! Orange does rule!Superfluous Banter

Click on ‘about’ in the top menu! That’s cool! True Blue Titan has a ‘Grungy’ feel but nothing overwhelming, love it!
True Blue Titan

Mascots and cartoons are becoming more and more popular these days and the one on Vectips fits the topics of the blog perfectly.Vectips

Sometimes when you visit a new blog it takes a couple minutes to really figure out what the blog is really about, well not with Woork. Just a quick look at the header and you got a pretty good idea. :)Woork

WP Designer is (or used to be?) a great resource site for all things WordPress. The site was sold recently and we’ve yet to see new posts, but still the design is great, SP did a really good job on this one.WP Designer

Young Go Getter has a ‘Grungy’ body background image but the design is still very clean. Also, Vanilla forum has been implemented and the latest forum post is displayed between blog posts on the homepage. Good idea if you want to build that sense of community on your blog. Great job!Young Go Getter

Your Turn To Talk

So, which ones are your favorites? And why? I’d love to know what you think. Also, a lot of people seem to be going for the grunge look lately (Matt Mullenweg for example), do you think it’s there to stay? Will it stay longer than the glossy look? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! :)


  1. says

    this is a great list you have compiled. I have seen a few of these before but some are new to me..will be checking these out! Cheers.

  2. says

    Thanks all! Glad you found it interesting and found some sites you didn’t know about :)
    @Zakman: check out Armen’s Bedrock Grid theme, it’s a very nice one, $20
    @Daniel: totally, my all time favorite!

  3. says

    GREAT LIST! … there were a few here I’d never even heard of! I’m flattered to be in such amazing company.

  4. says

    @Jan & Nathan: Cool stuff, thanks for sharing. Reinhold Weber’s site is beautiful :)
    @HERO: Hey you’re welcome! I find your new design fits really well in the ‘kick-ass‘ category, great job! ;)

  5. says

    @all, glad you like the list! :)
    @Selene & Henry: you’re very welcome! Your designs just rock!
    @Jon: that’s a nice design, I like the grungy look! (and I’m a guitarist too!, you got a new RSS subscriber hehe)

  6. says

    @coyle: thanks for sharing this one, cool cat!!
    @Shannon: that’s what istock is for, isn’t it? :)
    @Tony: you’re welcome! I first came across onwired via cssmania, and really liked the ‘better drop shadows‘ tutorial, and I love the design! Oh and yes, Viget totally rocks! :)

  7. says

    My favorite blog design is Web Designer Wall, which aside from having one of the most beautiful layouts I’ve seen also has some wonderful content.
    I’m hoping the grunge style is here to stay for a while, I really prefer it over the glossy look. I just redesigned my blog, Arbenting recently with a bit of a grungy look (it’s basically an overgrown version of my main website design).

  8. says

    Like Simply Fired, not soon keen on Spoon Graphics (though I love the content) simply because you have to scroll on every page if you use a normal resolution!

  9. RaiulBaztepo says

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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