25 Kick Ass Purple Portfolio Website Designs

Web designers set themselves apart every day with their own unique style and design. I want to showcase some of those designs who have went left of the normal path numerous trends set (you know the blue/green combo trend!) by designing with a color seldom used in the design community – Purple.

There have been countless round ups of websites with blue designs, brown designs and green designs but I have yet to see an article showcasing the portfolio website designs that brandish the purple color. And you know what they say, purple is the color of royalty – maybe these guys and girls are onto something? :)

Purple Rock Scissors ↓

Purple Rock Scissors

Alexandre Prado ↓

Alexandre Prado

Lisa Moseley ↓

Lisa Moseley

Aespec ↓


Michael Chromik ↓

Michael Chromik

Design Hearts Me ↓

Design Hearts Me

Full Fat Studios ↓

Full Fat Studios

Jaxestudios ↓


SW Graphic ↓

SW Graphic

Forte Creative ↓

Forte Creative

One Mighty Roar ↓

One Mighty Roar

Purple Raincloud ↓

Purple Raincloud

GoodBytes ↓


Albert Lo ↓

albert lo

Brian Wilkins ↓

Brian Wilkins

.MT Comunicação ↓

.MT Comunicação

Andrew Possehl ↓

Andrew Possehl

Septira ↓


72 Thinking: Outlets ↓

72 Thinking Outlets

Ronnie Morales ↓

Ronnie Morales

Softio ↓


Adam McPeake ↓

Adam McPeake

Tanq ↓


Redesign Unit ↓

Redesign Unit

Klar ↓


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