25 Videos and Resources for Learning Color Theory

It takes hours of study and practice to understand the basics of digital design. Many jobs rely on these fundamentals when creating print work, icons, After Effects touchups, and dozens of similar examples. One fundamental concept every designer should recognize is color theory.

It’s a broad subject which hovers around a field of science and a deeper artistic understanding of the creation process. It is vital to grasp color theory when picking color combinations for your design work. This gallery includes 25 videos and online articles which delve into the many topics of color theory. With a bit of free time and curiosity you’ll learn to choose your own color schemes with a better understanding of why and how it all works.

Basic Color Schemes

basic color schemes ctrl paint video tutorial

Understanding Colour and Value

understanding color value sycra video youtube

Using a Painter’s Wheel

sycra video how to choose colors painters wheel

Color Theory Using Photoshop

youtube video color theory using photoshop

Truth about the Colour Wheel

truth about the color wheel video tutorial

Hue and Saturation

color theory hue and saturation video

Color Wheel Mixing

color theory mixing video howto

Color Basics

color vision basics video tutorial

Color Matching

color matching vision basics video tutorial

Color Theory Made Stupid

color theory made stupid video tutorial

Create a Good Color Palette

video tutorial creating color palettes howto

Color Value & Contrast

color value contrast video tutorial basics

Color Selection and Web Design

color selection web design video tutorial

Blend Colors and Paint in Photoshop

blend colors painting in photoshop howto

Color Blending for Beginners

digital painting tips color blending for beginners

Color Theory in Photography

color theory for photography video tutorial

The Mechanics of Color

mechanics of color theory video tutorial

Color Combinations for Web Design

choosing picking combinations color for web design

How to Use Color Scheme Designer

howto use color scheme designer webapp tutorial video

Basic Colour Palettes

color palette tutorial video basics

The Meaning of Color

the meaning of color tutorial basics

The Code Side of Color

the coding side of color website layout

Cheating Color

cheating color 24ways article design technique

Intro to Color Theory for Web Designers

introduction to color theory article for web designers

The Science of Color Theory

science of color theory article basics design