27 Responsive Website Designs for Mobile Safari

The latest trends in responsive web design have ushered in a new era of mobile technology. The Internet is easier to access on almost all smartphone devices. So these days you should be working to support a growing audience of iPhone & Google Android users. But where do you start with such a big project?

Well in this showcase I’ve put together 27 examples of responsive website layouts. You can use this collection as inspiration when designing your own mockup. Consider that all these shots were taken directly from Mobile Safari. Thus you can see how the layout twists and contorts to support a modern webkit engine.


dressy clothing Ticknors online site

Jan Mense

Jan Mense freelance website


Thrive Solo studio design


The Bodhum video game network

Design Woop

Design Woop blog for Mobile Safari

The Work Cycle

The Work Cycle web design


Design Made by Splendid

Ryan O’Rourke

freelancer Ryan Orourke website portfolio

Web Design Yorkshire

Website design Yorkshire responsive

Joshua Sortino

Joshua Sortino web design portfolio

dConstruct 2012

dConstruct conference web design 2012

Deren Keskin

Deren Keskin website design portfolio


Tympanus Codrops design blog

Forefathers Group

Mobile Safari responsive Forefather's group

Spigot Design

Responsive design layout Spigot Design

Clear Air Challenge

Mobile clear air challenge site

Hicks Design

Hicks Design portcolio studio

Bubble Graphics

Web Design graphics portfolio

UX London 2012

London Conference 2012

Interlink Conference

Interlink Conference mobile responsive layout

Gravitate Design

online portfolio Gravitate design

CSS Grid

CSS3 Grids in Responsive Design


Simple Bits portfolio online design


24 Ways blog web design

Shine Demos

HTML5 CSS3 App Shiny Demos

Future of Web Design

responsive future of web design

Create Digital Media

Creating digital media web design