27 Spacious Offices & Creative Work Areas

Your work area is an important aspect of your daily schedule. It’s the place where you’ll be spending a lot of time staring at documents, writing on the computer, and speaking with contacts. As such offices should be enjoyable and feel soothing on the eyes.

I have a small collection of creative office work areas to get you in the spirit of interior design. Consider some of these examples and let us know your thoughts in the comments area below.

Hamburg Offices

Eccentric Interior Design

New Carrot Creative Offices

Modern London Office

Studio Space Quest

The Click Agency

Palo Alto Design Agency

Palo Alto View #2

MF Studio

Fuse8 Creative Studio

Mentor Digital

HA Construction Design

Berlin Studio Space

Hub Culture Pavilion, London

Creative Sphere in Sweden

Small iMac Studio

The Creative Space – Southern Texas

WorkBar of Boston

Retro-Themed Advertising Agency

San Francisco Studio

Mashable Office Space

White Space Communications

Zeroes 2 Heroes Office

Blue Bug Digital

Melbourne Design Agency

New Zendesk Office

Outside the Cube SF