27 Creative Website Layouts using Two Sidebars

More recently there has been a shift away from using multiple website sidebars. Responsive designs have pushed towards more compact layouts which often drop off sidebars into the footer, or hide them altogether. However some larger websites such as online magazines utilize dual-sidebars for featured articles and larger advertisements.

In this gallery I have organized 27 unique website layouts built with 2 sidebars. It isn’t a foregone trend but running multiple sidebars has become more of a nuance in some cases. I still like the idea of wider layouts. Also sidebars can help to structure page content in a more readable fashion. If you know of any similar dual-sidebar websites feel free to share with us in the comments area below.

Twirk Ethic

twirk ethic website inspiration design

Fuel Your Creativity

fuel your creativty website layout sidebars

Kris Colvin

portfolio website kris colvin homepage sidebars

The Verge

the verge magazine homepage website layout 3col


brides website layout homepage sidebars

Marchand de Trucs

website layout two siebars marchand de trucs

Smashing Magazine

website design smashing magazine 2 sidebars

Design Shack

web design layout sidebars designshack screenshot

Web Designer Wall

homepage layout sidebars webdesigner wall


cult foo inspiration screenshot homepage

Unofficial Final Fantasy Site

unofficial final fantasy website 3col two sidebars


web design texture sidebars shatterheart

Ushi No Tane

harvest moon fogu ushinotane homepage sidebars

Walker Art Center

homepage sidebars walker art center design


mashable redesign homepage sidebars screenshot

Jeff Croft

jeff croft personal website 2sidebars inspiration


pixel2life inspiration homepage sidebars


beige web design homepage sidebars inspiration


1st web designer blog sidebars layout

Design Tickle

blog website texture design tickle homepage sidebars

Lord Likely

homepage texture 2 sidebars lord likely

Icon Dock

icondock website layout sidebars design

The 9513

the 9513 country music texture website layout

PSD to WordPress

psd to wordpress homepage layout blog sidebars

Spaksu Blog

sidebars website layout spaksu blog screenshot

Grain Edit

website layout inspiration grainedit screenshot 2013

Austin Town Hall

austin town hall homepage layout inspiration design