27 WordPress Resources for Building Custom Projects

Developing over WordPress has become so easy that anybody familiar with HTML/CSS could get started right away. PHP can seem daunting at first. But once you understand how everything works you’ll notice that WordPress is a well-oiled machine. Plugins, themes, widgets, taxonomies, shortcodes, and many other features can all be programmed using various WordPress APIs.

This collection focuses on a number of helpful resources for WordPress developers. Whether you are building a new theme from scratch or putting together a radical new plugin, you’ll find something in here that’s bound to be helpful. The more you practice the easier this process will get. Take a peek at some of these links and be sure to bookmark anything that looks interesting.


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WordPress Query Generator

online webapp wordpress query generator website


generate wordpress wp codes homepage webapp

Collection of functions.php codes

functions php wordpress open source codes list

Custom Post Types Generator

custom post types generator webapp layout


wordpress open source free theme blankslate

Move WordPress from Development to Production

deploy move wordpress development production internet

Hide the Fact a Site is Using WordPress

hiding a website running wordpress stackexchange open source

Custom Search for CPT

coding wordpress custom post type search

Organizing functions.php Code

wordpress how to organize functions php code

WordPress Shortcodes: A Complete Guide

wordpress shortcodes complete guide magazine tutorial

Create a Custom WordPress Widget

open source wordpress custom widget howto tutorial

jQuery Tabber Widget

open source jquery tabber wordpress widget

WordPress Child Themes Development

guide to wordpress child theme development

Developing Your First WordPress Theme

developing first wordpress theme tutorial tutsplus

Setup a Killer WordPress Testing Environment Locally

setup amazing local wordpress testing environment mamp wamp

Understanding the Walker Class

understanding nav walker class wordpress tutorial

How to write a WordPress plugin

code build custom wordpress plugin from scratch howto

Writing AJAX-enabled WordPress plugins

wp ajax function howto tutorial faq stackexchange

A/B Split Testing in WordPress using Google Analytics

ab split testing wordpress environment google analytics

Developing BuddyPress Themes – Part 1

how to tutorial develop buddypress themes templates

How to secure your WordPress site

tips guide to secure wordpress website from attacks

First Time Creating a Blog

article writing personal experience wordpress blogging

Custom Post-Type with Custom Taxonomy

coding wordpress custom post type with taxonomy

Filter to remove image dimension attributes

wordpress functions to filter image dimensions attributes faq

How to edit a user profile on the front end?

wordpress how to edit user profile fields frontend webpage

Create more WP Metaboxes as needed

wordpress admin backend meta boxes variable number howto tutorial