28 Admin Panel User Interfaces from Dribbble Artists

Websites are made up of many different views and pages. One of the most important views is your administration panel – these are often coupled with custom web applications. The backend system is almost vital to managing users and editing page content.

But you have to get just the right look & feel for things to work out well. In this gallery I have gone through Dribbble and collected the most pristine examples of web dashboards. These are all designed for varying functions and you’ll pinpoint many discrepancies. Feel free to peruse the collection of user interfaces, and let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area.

Web App Header

Web Application

Admin Panel Redesign

Admin Menu

Dashboard with Tabs

WordPress Custom Admin Panel

Admin UI

UI Dashboard Zoomed

Dashboard Analytics

Web Admin Panel

Bespoke CMS Admin

Admin Header

Edit Users

Fluid Admin


Approve/Decline Widget

Administrator Links

Navigation Template

Admin Template Grape

Control Panel Stats

Custom WordPress UI

Uploading File Interface

Dashboard Table

Web Admin UI

Admin GUI Icons

Proto Admin

Admin Login Form

Left Panel Application