28 Enticing Tumblr Themes for your Blog Layout

Internet marketing has been incorporated with blogging for years now. Ever since Tumblr officially launched in early 2007 the website has seen a dramatic increase in traffic and pageviews. There are currently over 70 million blogs and counting which have sprung up from Tumblr’s outstanding dedication to quality service.

And for all these bloggers out there I’ve put together a brilliant showcase full of creative Tumblr themes. You can access these themes from any computer and install them onto your blog. All of these themes are free to grab & quick to install within just a few minutes! Check out my exclusive gallery and feel free to share any themes we’ve missed in the post discussion area below.


Tumblr blog theme Prologue

Effector Theme

Tumblr Effector theme


Tumblr theme Postage letter


Office Tumblr theme design

Next Saturday

Next Saturday Tumblr theme

Pink Touch 2

Tumblr Pink Touch theme


Tumblr theme Dimension


Langer Tumblr blog theme design


101 Tumblr Blog theme layout


Tumblr blog theme Showroom


Default Theme by Petar Verdooni

(More) Important Things

Important Things Tumblr theme layout

Chalkdust v2

Tumblr theme design Chalkdust

Grey Matters

Tumblr featured theme GreyMatters


Tumblr blog theme layout Optimus


Tumblr theme Accent featured

Simple Things

Simple Things Tumblr blog theme


Tumblr blog theme Linear


Tumblr blog theme Vignelli


Tumblr blog theme layout Cavalcade

Rubber Cement

Tumblr theme layout Rubber Cement featured


Astronaut Tumblr theme design

Cargo Theme

Cargo theme blocks gallery

The Fisherman’s Friend

Fisherman's Friend Tumblr blog theme


Modern1 Tumblr Blog theme

Strange Little Town

Pink Blog Theme Strage Little Town

A Lovely Day

A Lovely Day Tumblr Theme


Tumblr Theme layout Ccomic5

Jake Rocheleau

About the author:

Jake is a creative designer, illustrator, and web developer. He frequently writes articles involving new-age design concepts and freelance management skills. You can find him in Google or follow his tweets @jakerocheleau


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