28 Personal Portfolio Websites using Portraits and Background Photos

I always love to find personal sites that reference a photo of the person. It gives visitors a better look into who they are. Some creatives may be uncomfortable with this, while others simply adore the spotlight. Either way it is a wonderful design idea for Internet-based portfolios.

If you also like this idea then take a look at these awesome websites. Each one features an individual who does some form of creative work be it design, music, writing, or otherwise. I hope these layouts can provoke other ideas in designers who may want to utilize this same feature. A fullscreen background or even a small photo can bring out more of your character on the page.

Kevin Kim

kevin kim entrepreneur website portfolio

Mat Helme

mat helme illustrator designer portfolio website

Andrea Mann

andrea mann writer jazz artist personal website

Hüseyin Yilmaz

huseyin yilmaz creative portfolio online website

David Faustino

david faustino actor musician personal website

Daniel Filler

daniel filler designer website portfolio fullscreen background photo

Mark Peck

mark peck website portfolio background picture

Sarah Cheng-De Winne

sarah cheng de winne photography website

Michael Korstick

michael korstick musician personal dark website layout

Parag Sankhe

director producer personal website homepage background

David Batra

david batra orange black portfolio website colorful

Bernardo Hernández

entrepreneur spain born bernardo hernandez fullscreen background photo

Becky Murphy

becky murphy personal portfolio website layout portrait photo

Sarah Camp

sarah camp fullscreen background photo personal creative portfolio

Sjoerd Dijkstra

sjoerd dijkstra personal portfolio background photo picture

Yuko Suzuki

yuko suzuki tv events production manager website

Kevin John Gomez

kevin john gomez personal portfolio website layout

Anthony Mathenia

anthony mathenia writer personal website portrait

Alastaire Allday

alastaire allday personal copywriter website layout

Daniele Volpin

daniele volpin personal website layout

Chad Mueller

chad mueller product designer portfolio portrait photo

Jason Julien

jason julien creative director web designer personal portfolio

Jill Dawson

jill dawson writer united kingdom britain portfolio

Antonio Giuseppe Peligra

antonio giuseppe peligra personal website italian fullscreen background

Elisabetta Canalis

elisabetta canalis model fullscreen background website layout

Francesca Battistelli

francesca battistelli musician personal illustration website layout homepage

Adelle Charles

adelle charles visual designer personal website background photo

Kyle Cease

kyle cease comedian speaker personal website homepage