29 Web Layouts using Big Oversized Background Images

I am a big fan of the background photographs in web design. You can build entire layouts focused on simple themes related to photography. I can especially relate to freelancers and design agencies who utilize this trend for catching people’s attention very quickly.

Therefore I have put together this wonderful collection of big website layouts with oversized photos. Each background image is often scaled to 100% of the page width – the perfect CSS tools for a responsive web design. But you will also notice the page content flows very nicely according to each background image. Check out these techniques and see if you can apply a similar design style into any of your web projects.

MacAllan Ridge

beautiful photography trees forests background images

Bently Reserve

fancy building rental hosting events


Whiteboard design agency website background layout

Upstruct Studio

design studio website layout background images


working design agency Encandle website layout photography bg

Uber London

Ubder design studio website background images

Naczynia : Welmax

welmax website background oversize photography photos

Hasse Bronten

Bronten website layout comedian Germany

Tilt Studio

design studio website layout big background photos


photos background werksteete freelance design gallery


Kolonien music content German website layout photographs background

Sullivan NYC

New York City Sullivan website oversized backgrounds


restaurant bar website layout big background photo

De Certeau

business fullscreen images slideshow layout

Au Petit Panisse

website custom restaurant bar layout background images


mobile app shopping retail Inzeit website layout

Creative Spaces

website background images big photos creative spaces

Medis Kok & Bar

medis website layout big backrounds photos

Starmen USA

big photos background star men usa website

Stephan Siegrist

Stephan Siegrist website portfolio layout backgrounds

Studio Airport

Studio Airport

Gazelle Touch

dark city background photos website design inspiration

Breakthrough Design Group

BDG Web Design Syracuse New York portfolio big photos backgrounds

Waller Creek

The Final Four contest Waller Creek website layout photos


website portfolio background images business layout architects

The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent website design big photography backgrounds

Shelton Fleming

Shelton portfolio website design layout background images


custom background images photos web design styles

August Digital Marketing

Australian Design Agency marketing August layout big photos background