30 Awesome Custom Tumblr Blog Designs

Tumblr is such a great micro-blogging and sharing app. It lets you easily write posts and share pictures, videos, quotes and links – all from a hosted dashboard.

Some people prefer self-hosted solutions like WordPress, but others enjoy Tumblr for its ease of use and because it requires almost no maintenance or even hosting fees.

Today we’ll have a look at some of the best custom Tumblr themes out there. Tumblr provides ready-made templates for users, but customizing or creating your own theme is where the magic happens. Let’s see some examples of what can be achieved:

SimpleBits ↓


David Perel ↓

David Perel

Allison Weiss ↓

Allison Weiss

hrrrthrrr ↓


Mark Jardine ↓

Mark Jardine

Doug Neiner ↓

Doug Neiner

Art In My Coffee ↓

Art In My Coffee

Gary Vaynerchuk ↓

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary’s Real Life ↓

Garys Real Life

MetaLab Blog ↓

MetaLab Blog

Danny Garcia ↓

Danny Garcia

Vervetbleu ↓


Name That Film ↓

Name That Film

Eat Sleep Draw ↓

Eat Sleep Draw

Karen Abad ↓

Karen Abad

Jeff Finley ↓

Jeff Finley

Extra Firm Hold ↓

Extra Firm Hold

Domo Nom Nom ↓

Domo Nom Nom

Faggotry ↓


Kevin Nuut ↓

Kevin Nuut

Moose Garden ↓

Moose Garden

Steven Beelen ↓

Steven Beelen

Matthew Buchanan ↓

Matthew Buchanan



Matt McInerney ↓

Matt McInerney

9-Bits ↓


52 Weeks Of UX ↓

52 Weeks Of UX

Heather Rivers ↓

Heather Rivers

Log.jb ↓


Tumblr Staff Blog ↓

Tumblr Staff Blog

Your Turn To Talk

What do you think? Do you have your own Tumblr blog? Do you know of any other custom Tumblr blog designs? Make sure you tell us by leaving a comment below ;)


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