30 Free Bootstrap Code Examples for Web Developers

Twitter Bootstrap has become a powerful asset to frontend web developers. It comes with a library of JavaScript widgets and quintessential CSS resets to build identically-rendered layouts for any web browser. If you’re already familiar with HTML/CSS you can pick up general Bootstrap concepts within a day or two.

This collection of open source code is dedicated to Bootstrap layouts, widgets, interfaces, and other unique freebies. Whether you’re getting started or already familiar with Bootstrap, this post is sure to include some creative examples to knock your socks off. Web development is often a confusing topic at first. But if you keep practicing every day those little oddities will start to make sense and you’ll begin to see the forest through the trees.

Bootstrap 3 Form

bootstrap3 details css3 codepen form

Flat Blog

bs3 bootstrap flat blog layout freebie


3D Buttons

3d bootstrap b3 buttons freebie

BS3 Color Picker

bootstrap bs3 color picker interface open source

Single-Page Responsive

parallax responsive singlepage bootstrap design


simple portfolio bootstrap layout design

Personal Website

personal portfolio website responsive bootstrap layout

Quotes Carousel

bs3 bootstrap quote carousel design

Bootstrap Transitions

bootstrap freebie css3 transition effects

Tumblr Login Form

css3 html5 tumblr bootstrap login form

Bootstrap 3 ID Panels

bs3 bootstrap ID personal panel interface

Profile Reveal

personal reveal avatar icon css3 transitions

Fullscreen Transitions

carousel fullscreen background page transitions

Employee Directory

css3 employee directory layout interface bootstrap

Tweaking Bootstrap UI

tweak bootstrap user interface buttons

Bootstrap Dropdown

bootstrap dropdown interface nav menu design

Social Icons

horizontal list icons social bootstrap

Bootstrap 3 Layout

responsive sidebar bs3 bootstrap layout open source

CSS Timeline

css timeline interface open source bootstrap

Responsive Image Gallery

responsive image gallery bootstrap interface freebie

Bootstrap Studio Layout

web design studio responsive layout bootstrap

Coupon Alert Boxes

dashed coupon style alert boxes bootstrap

Collapsible Tree Menu

collapse bootstrap tree navigation menu


twitter bootstrap breadcrumbs css design

Progress Bars

css bootstrap progress bars ui design

Flat Tables

flat css3 tables ui design interface

Bootstrap Pagination

bootstrap bs3 pagination design interface

BS3 Alerts

bootstrap bs3 alert boxes gradient colors

Contact Form Design

css html5 bootstrap interface contact form open source

Tabbed Login/Register Form

css tabs interface login register form bootstrap