30 Outstanding Progress Illustrations for Icon & Logo Designs

In the past I’ve seen hundreds of progress illustrations related to logos and icons posted onto Dribbble. These are often shared by designers who wish to give some insight towards their creative process. These shots allow us to peek behind the curtain and see how a typical icon is designed from pencil and paper into Photoshop.

I’ve organized a set of 30 brilliant progress illustrations shared by very talented Dribbble members. Each shot may include the finished design or could focus primarily on the illustration work. Drawing out each idea would typically be essential when brainstorming and planning how to move forward on a creative project. Take a peek at these designs to see how much work truly goes into conceptual drafting.

Raspberry Leaf

raspberry leaf logotype sketch artwork

New Iconset

sketch icon set sketchbook design


characters icons design sketch artbook

iPad RPG

skill tree talents icons rpg interface

Sketch Icons

sketch icons design work inspiration iconset


funny character monsters icons sketch progress

Preliminary Sketches

preliminary sketch work iconset design


vintage camera icons drawing paint colorful


goodnotes icon progress sketch design artwork

App Icon Sketches

progress illustration work mac osx icons apps

Dog Logo

dog logo print design work inspiration progress


unroll me illustration character design work


self design vector caricature


chroma icon sketch design iconset

Film Strip

hd film strip icon sketch progress

Colorful Map Pins

colorful map pins sketch heart shape

Juxtaposer App Icon

juxtaposer app icon design sketch work illustrations

The Funtasty

funtasty illustration work typography branding design

Mac App Sketch

mac app icon sketches design inspiration drawing

App Store Icons

sketch progress design work inspirational sketches

iOS Icons

ios iphone app icons sketchbook design


hand icon sketches illustration design

iPhone Illustrations

iphone phone sketches sketchbook illustrations

Web Icons

web icons sketchbook design branding illustrations

Personal Icon Set

personal web icon set design sketches

Music Icons

music mac app icons design sketches


lantern drawing sketch illustration icon progress

Progress Icons

icons sketch drawing colored icons finished vectors

Top Hat Icon

top hat sketch icon design inspiration

Animal Parade

animal parade icons sketches design graphics