30 Warm Examples of Yellow Website Layouts

Any color enthusiast will know how important it is to pick the right color scheme. A creative project will be vastly affected by the seemingly harmless choice of colors. Especially websites that require a lot of user interaction, since the user’s focus will be constantly locked onto the screen.

Yellow tends to permeate warmth, brilliance, light, and happiness. When mixed in a scheme containing other colors we can build contrasting ideas into the layout. Take a peek at this gallery of yellow layout examples for modern web designers. Picking your color scheme is a tough job. But having references from other websites can provide a robust starting point.

Yellow Marshmallow

yellow marshmallow design studio interface homepage

Greyp Bikes

greyp bikes website yellow layout

Sydney > Stockholm

sydney stockholm yellow website layout


prints21 prints homepage yellow layout

Creative Stones

creative stones website studio layout


herdl marketing agency yellow website

Bzzy App

yellow bee bzzy app mobile website landing page

Bark PR

bark public relations pr website yellow

Mooze Design

mooze design yellow website design homepage

Daniel Martin

daniel martin yellow website layout

Sputnik Creative

sputnik creative yellow website layout


snipcart website layout homepage design inspiration

Profound Grid

profound grid website yellow system open source


yellow website layout hlvticons

Jason Wan

jason wan digital designer interface website homepage

belVita Breakfast

belvita breakfast biscuits website yellow

Hive Storage

hive storage company yellow website layout

Go Live!

go live button yellow website design inspiration

Jan Mense

jan mense print web designer portfolio yellow

Email Monks

yellow orange email monks website layout


earthborn yellow website layout homepage

David Yarde

david yarde dark yellow website layout homepage

The Basement

the basement yellow design studio website layout

Kristian Bediiako

kristian bediiako homepage layout musician design

Crafting Type

crafting type yellow font design workshop

Tierra Virtual Studio

tierra virtual studio website layout yellow

The Wisdom of Bees

the wisdom of bees yellow website inspiration

La Pizza

la pizza yellow website cooking design

Roome London

roome london yellow website design inspiration


postmark yellow website inspiration homepage design

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