31 Fantastic New jQuery Plugins for Web Developers

jQuery has dramatically changed the way we view frontend scripting. JavaScript was always a popular language even during the 1990s. But in the new millennium web developers have been smart and observed the programming trend titled abstraction. This is a technique where you save time building features upon others’ code libraries – jQuery being one of the most advanced.

In just the past 2 years web developers have released dozens of free jQuery plugins to the Internet. If you’ve kept up with the community there’s no doubt you’ve run into a few helpful scripts. But if you’re just getting started you’re likely still interested in these topics! Check out my gallery of jQuery plug-ins and be sure to leave your thoughts/questions in the post discussion area.

Moasic Sliding Boxes

Supersized Full-Screen Background

Totem Vertical Ticker


Slides JS


Nivo Slider

javan jBar



CSS Globe Nav Slider


Cloud Zoom

Easy Image Zoom – CSSGlobe


Facebook Wall

Acorn Media Player


Simple Audio Player


Zebra Dialog

science co.de editor

Activity Indicator

jQuery Color Animation


jQuery Lifestream

Chosen – Select Box Plugin

Form Wizard

My QR Code

Grid Navigation Effects

Easy Paginate