31 Super-Unique and Functional Website Navigation Menus

Web navigation is a vital piece to any layout. Designers have known this for decades, but not all menus are built equally. It’s very important to distinguish between design and functionality. Some web designers understand this and attempt to better their own skills. Meanwhile the cream of the crop can incorporate both design and functionality with ease.

I have collected this brilliant set of 31 website menus with amazing UX and aesthetics. You need to capture your visitor’s attention and offer them a simple solution for navigating your pages. I hope this collection can provide inspiration for upcoming web designers in the field of user experience.

Big Cartel


Sellected Studio

Moment Skis

Thrive Solo

Design Bombs

Beautiful Type

Shout Digital

James Li Online Portfolio

Information Highwayman

Ad Daddies

Sugar Rush Creative

Visual Republic


Web Visionary Awards



In Motion – London Mobile Massage

Mercy Online

Just Dot Media

Chappy Barry


Hull Digital Live

Doodle Pad


JetSuite Online Video Platform

Pline Studios for Architecture

Kenneth Cachia

Brian Hoff

Facio Design

The Coastal Cupboard