32 Handy Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Watching the browser wars unfold has been interesting. Mozilla Firefox was possibly the king only a few years ago, whereas now it seems Google Chrome has taken much of their market shares. For those who use Chrome it may have some bugs but ultimately runs much quicker and scales better than Firefox.

And while Mozilla has an Extensions gallery, Google has launched an extensions gallery side-by-side with Chrome. In here developers are able to create small browser extensions and tie into 3rd party APIs for some magnificent features. The installation process is simple, efficient, and leaves you begging for more.

Web developers should be especially interested in Google Chrome as they strive for perfection in browser testing. Scaling your website between the many browsers today is difficult. Luckily Chrome is one of the better software partners out there, and in celebration I’ve collection 32 extensions specifically targeted towards web developers. Install a few see what you think, and please offer any extensions you’ve personally found in the comments section!

Web Clipboard by Google

Resolution Test

Web Developer

jQuery Shell

Color Generator

IE Tab

Domain Availability Checker


Speed Tracer by Google


Chrome Sniffer


PageRank Status

Awesome Screenshot

SEO Site Tools

PHP Documentation


Session Manager

Proxy Switchy!

Lorem Ipsum Generator



Edit this Cookie

XML Tree

Blank Canvas Script Handler

Create Link

Search on StackOverflow


JavaScript Errors Notifier

code cola

HTML5 Outliner

bit.ly URL shortener

Web developers and designers alike should consider messing around with Chrome. It’s a fast, lightweight browser which fully supports HTML5 and CSS3 standards. You’ll also be able to manipulate jQuery code which is invaluable, IMO. If you have any other suggestions for great Chrome extensions offer the links in our comments section.


  1. Amos Vryhof says

    What’s with all of the images having the descriptions cropped off on both sides?

  2. says

    I’ve been less than impressed with Firefox 5. With the increasing number of chrome extensions coming out, it may be time to make the switch.

  3. says

    I’ve just started with Chrome and I’m still working out a few of the kinks – but I think that some of these extensions can really help me! Thanks for the tips. :)


  4. says

    Nice article. I must admit that Web Developer for Chrome is a must for everyone. As a SEO specialist I use it everyday.

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