32 Brilliant Red Websites for Design Inspiration

I have recently been publishing a number of color-based design galleries for bridging together unique ideas on the web. Colors have a large influence over your audience and how they will react towards the page content. It’s a fairly rudimentary system, but color schemes are vital to the core of any graphic design project.

In this showcase I’ve collected 32 bright exciting red website layouts. I hope these designs can provide inspiration to designers who are attempting to build a layout using some red color scheme. You can always mix together other complementary colors by using a tool such as Color Scheme Designer. But regardless I think these red websites are brilliant in tone and quality, and they are most definitely worth a peek if you’re interested in colorful websites.

Keenan Wells

chicago red grunge texture portfolio website layout

Café Rouge

red coffee cafe rouge website design

Interactive Kent

red website interactive kent design interface


joslex llc codebutton website red design

Ben Lister

dark crimson ben lister website layout portfolio


red chocolate candy kit kat website layout

Pizza Hut

red pizza hut clean website homepage


calculit red fullscreen illustration background

Red HQ

england sheffiled web design redhq website

Picksum Ipsum

picksum ipsum website red layout design inspiring


red illustration branding boycoy agency design


bowtie mac osx app website layout red

Red Illusion

red illusion web design inspiration homepage

Red Rooster

red rooster website design inspiring restaurant

War Child

war child charity red website layout

Dominique Holmes

dom holmes tattoo parlor homepage red website


born to be on agency red website layout

Everlong Design

everlong design website red inspiration

Gorilla Coffee

red coffee product website homepage layout

Le 28Thiers

28thiers bar cocktail lounge france website red colors

The CP Diary

cerebral palsy blog diary website homepage


liamski portfolio website layout red design


syropia red homepage layout design agency

Stratum Management

stratum management never a better time red agency layout


hemlock red website design homepage inspiration


instagram product reelagram photos homepage landing website

Les Bonbecs

les bonbecs website red clean inspiring layout


red redesign homepage layout inspiring website


manos texas studio design websites creative portfolio


tappcandy website red inspiration homepage

Hatha Ciudad Onlus

hatha ciudad onlus red italian website background


cileos red software development company homepage layout