33 Brand New Icon Tutorials with Freebie Sets

Website designers are always looking for that extra piece of spark to liven up their pages. This often comes in the form of background images, vector artwork, and more recently popularized icons. Small icons give your user interface an extra boost in usability and clarity. It helps to categorize links and portions of your webpage without using text.

For those creative enough I’ve included 33 exclusive icon tutorials below. These are prominently targeted for Adobe software such as Illustrator or Photoshop. Adobe Fireworks can also be used for some, but can be more difficult if you’re not familiar in the tools palette.

On a similar note I’ve included a few free icon sets towards the bottom. These are 100% free to download and use anywhere on your websites. Feel free to include links to similar icon sets you know and use in your daily projects.

Roll of Film

Battery Core

Suitcase in Illustrator

Create a 3-D Lollipop


Photoshop Trophy

Cute Piggy Bank

Twitter Badge

First Aid

Drink Glass

Vintage Television

Chinese Food Carton

Paint & Paintbrush


Circus Tent

Making an Icon Tutorial

Open Book


Juicy RSS Feed

iTunes Icon

DesignFloat Logo

Military Cap

XP-Style Monitor

Magnifying Glass

Magic Wand

StumbleUpon Icon


Panda Bear Face

Magician Hat

Chalkboard Screencast

How to Design Mini Icons

Shiny Metal Buttons

Creating Social Media Sets

Freebie Sets

E-commerce set

Designer Icons


Replacement iOS

Payment Set


Hand Sketch

Glyphs by GSIX


This brief collection should get your mind drifting towards abundant creation. Building icons from scratch can be difficult and requires a lot of precision. Even skilled digital artisans spend years of time working on complete icon sets.

Although this isn’t a complete list these tutorials are great for beginners and intermediate designers. Those interested should really spend some time studying to grow their imagination. After all, in the field of web design practice truly does make perfect.


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