33 Illustrator Design Tutorials for Unique Text Effects

Illustrator is the perfect tool for building large scalable design effects. Either for print or digital mediums, Illustrator is a wonderful tool with a lot to offer in the way of customized typography. There are plenty of great Photoshop effects that can also apply to text and lettering.

But with Illustrator you get access to more vector-based tools with a larger working area and less restrictions on sizing & formats. This gallery includes 33 text effects that you can replicate with any version of Adobe Illustrator. Check out some of these tutorials and see if you can extend the effects even further with your own ideas.

Mustard Text

mustard typography text effect illustrator

Shoe Lace Text

shoe lace text effect illustrator tutorial design

Nail Polish Text

nail polish text effect design

Chemistry Tubes Text

chemistry tubes text effect tutorial

3D Type in Perspective

3d text typography illustrator tutorial design

Christmas Knitted Text

christmas knitted text effect tutorial

Sweet Honey Text

honey text effect illustrator design

Sparkly Candy Text

illustrator sparkly colorful text effect tutorial

Smeared Ketchup Text

ketchup text effect tutorial

Mosaic Beads Text

colorful beads text effect illustrator

Electricity Text

electric text effect illustrator tutorial

Swirly Type Treatment

swirly text typography illustrator

Vintage Postcard Text

illustrator tutorial vintage postcard typography

Molten Metal Text

molten melting metal illustrator text

Split-Flap Display Text

flap display board text tutorial illustrator

Glassy Green Text

green substance glassy text effect tutorial

Light Bokeh Text

light painting bokeh text effect tutorial

Vector Grass Text

illustrator tutorial vector grass text

Environment-Friendly Text Treatment

green environment text effect tutorial

Green Viscous Text

green viscous text effect tutorial

Dripping Blood Text

dripping blood text effect illustrator tutorial

Coffee Beans Text

coffee bean text effect illustrator tutorial

Paper Alphabet

3d paper alphabet letters illustrator tutorial

Semi-Transparent 3D Text

semi transparent 3d text effect tutorial

3D Vector Text

3d text effect illustrator tutorial

Editable Letterpress Text

editable letterpress text effect tutorial

Grimy Text with Tablet

pen tablet drawing illustrator tutorial

Wrapped Mummy Text

wrapped mummy text illustrator tutorial

USB Vector Text

usb vector text effect illustrator tutorial

Polished & Raised Text

polished raised text effect tutorial illustrator

Donut Text

delicious donut font text illustrator

Glowing Fluorescent Text

glowing fluorescent text tutorial illustrator

Comic-Style Text

comic dots vector illustrator tutorial

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