33 Minimalist Single Page Website/Portfolio Layouts

The movement of freelance design portfolios on the web has never seen more activity. Photographers and web designers alike are sporting flashy portfolio layouts focused on minimalism. Many of these designs are also one-page websites where all the content is located together on a single page.

Many of these designs also incorporate sub-pages only for viewers who cannot fully experience the single page design. But with these standards in place I’ve collected 33 of my favorite single page websites all into one gallery. If you’re interested in designing a single page website layout then definitely take a peek at some of these inspirational examples.

Made by Guerrilla

Made by Guerrilla Website design

Conceptive Design

portfolio conceptive design

Design Master India

Design Master India website

Creative Sloth London

Creative Sloth design agency

The World We Live In

TWWLI freelance web designer portfolio

Brian Delaney

Freelance design portfolio for Brian Delaney

Snoggle Media

Digital Snoggle Media startup layout

Fixx Design

Fixx web design Singapore

Deluge Studios

Deluge Web Studios design portfolio

Stephen Nieuwelaar

Freelance web designer Steve Nieuwelaar

Alex Stubbs

Alexander Stubbs freelance web designer

Attack of the Web

Attack of the Web Portfolio

Justin Tsang

Justin Tsang web designer portfolio

Catalytic Design

Portfolio Catalytic Design layout

Blaq Digital

Blaq Bunton web design showcase

Roxanne Cook

Roxanne Cook web design portfolio

Social Snack

Social Snack website portfolio design

Alessandro Cavallo

Alessandro Cavallo portfolio website layout


Puppetbrain website layout design

Eduardo de La Rocque

Eduardo de La Rocque portfolio website

Jeroen Homan

Jeroen Homan frontend web developer


Nerval Studio - Pierre Georges


Wordpress website portfolio web design lab

Doodle Press

Doodle Press artwork gallery sophisticated

Adam Bubenicek

Czech web designer portfolio Adam Bubenicek

Michael Ptaszynski

Polish web designer Michael Ptaszynski portfolio

Florent Laroche

Florent Laroche website portfolio resume


Ko Phyo AKA Myo Kyaw Htun portfolio


Pixelmess website layout portfolio

Justin R Freeman

Justin R Freeman web design

Lucian Ilica

Lucian Ilica web designer and photography

Aaron Moody

Aaron Moody website design portfolio

Dan Hellier

Daniel Hellier Essex UK web designer