33 Spectacular Package Designs for Product Branding

We don’t often consider package design as a difficult creative job. I mean, how difficult would it be to design a bag of chips? Well you might be surprised to learn that it does take quite a bit of effort! Blending colors, icons, illustrations, and text on the bag to draw people’s attention is the job of a package designer.

And package design can include way more than just potato chips. This gallery is a tribute to newer package ideas and branding concepts. Squeezing a brand logo onto the packaging is only one aspect to this craft. Take a look over some of these examples and let us know your favorites.

Wagamuffin Dog Treats

wagamuffin dog treats package design branding

Garden Bakery

garden bakery design package branding redesign

Cheshire Treats

cheshire treats packaging branding food

Karuzo Pizza

karuzo pizza box logo design inspiration

Chef Boyardee Rebrand

rebrand chef boyardee food design concepts

Silver Hook Seafood

silver hook seafood design packaging branding

Mister Egg

mister mr egg packaging foods box

Sweet Memories

sweet memories branding packages bags candy

Adele’s Sweet Delicacies

adele sweet delicacies branding packaging

Cake Packaging

cake packaging branding design inspiration

Mario World Board Game

super mario world video game board design

En Camion Simone

en camion simone food drink branding packages


extrahere flavoured extract design packaging

Lush Cosmetics

lush cosmetics branding packages design

Dear Olive Relish

dear olive relish packaging branding

Wonderlust Bakery

wonderlust bakery coffee branding packaging

Smoke Masters BBQ

smoke masters bbq branding packaging food

Peter Piper’s

peter pipers box chips package design

Charade Wine

charade wine branding packaging bottles

Meatshop Menswear

meatshop menswear design packaging branding

PrimoCat Paint

primocat paint can design package

Danup Packaging

danup packaging design branding inspiration

Eden Packaging

eden packaging logo branding design boxes

Flavoured Green Tea

flavoured green tea packaging design inspiration

Ice Cream Packaging Concept

ice cream package design candy concept inspiration

Tea People

tea people packaging design unique

Buskens Bakery

buskens bakery branding packaging design inspiration

Toy Packaging

doll toy animals decorations box package design

Bark Bites

bark bites design container package inspiration


sjokolademelk chocolate milk container package design


tartinades package design inspiration food baggies

Beehive Honey Squares

beehive honey squares design package interface

Origin Foods

origin foods package design inspiration