33 Web Design Trends in Café and Restaurant Layouts

Food restaurants are a niche that has only recently filled in over the Internet. Back 10-20 years ago almost nobody who owned a restaurant was thinking of launching their own website. But nowadays it is basically foolish not to have a site online! Visitors can quickly skim your operating hours, menu choices, and location if looking to drop by for a purchase or quick meal.

This gallery is dedicated to the many various restaurants and cafés to be found online. I have collected 33 of my favorite examples include both new and older websites. Restaurateurs should pay careful attention to some of these trends and see what could fit into their own website. Many more customers expect a solid web presence and it can even damage your business to have poor-quality info on a website. Check out some of these unique restaurant trends and feel free to share your own ideas with us in the discussion area below.

Caribou Coffee

caribou coffee website webpage cafe

Boar’s Head

boars head restaurant cooking grill

Cafe Ommbla

basic cafe restaurant big background website

Drink Café

drink cafe restaurant layout interface

Park Avenue Coffee

restaurant website layout foods designs inspiration


cofe caffe coffee cooking restaurant

Dilly Deli

silly deli website inspiration layouts restaurant

Kicking Horse Coffee

kicking horse coffee restaurant layout


finest coffee website layout inspiration kapepur inspiring

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse

restaurant steakhouse design inspiration

Second Cup

second cup coffee restaurant website interface

Sweet Sallie’s Bakery

sweet sallys bakery website interface sweets


designing websites inspiration interface ui

Marie Catribs

official website layout restaurant sweets cookies mariecatribs

The Villager Restaurant

interesting website interfaces classical shoppe

Manndible Café

manndible website layout inspiration gallery designs

Ybor Bunker

ybor bunker website inspiration cafe designs

Cafe Paradiso

coffee cafe restaurant layout designs 2013

Jones Coffee Roasters

roasters coffee designs inspiration layouts


caravan restaurant website layout inspiration designs

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

chicago pizza foods gallery inspiration loumalnati

Back Yard Burgers

backyard burgers restaurad bar and grille

Keith Cakes

foods bakery online cupcakes cakes webdesign

Marios Cafe

cafe coffee restaurant design inspiring trends

Cannolificio Mongibello

italian restaurant cooking breads pastries website

Gianni’s Steakhouse

steakhouse web design inspiring layout


restaurant fancy website big background layout effects

Catered by Kate

catering by katie website inspiration services cooking

All Star Lanes

allstar lanes website restaurant blogging posts

Café Rouge

cafe rouge pink reds website layouts


website restaurant seinfeld coffee roaster designs

1369 Coffee House

coffee house layouts websites inspiring designs

Bean Exchange

bean exchange website cofee roasters inspiring layout