34 Feature Film Website Layouts for Design Inspiration

The movie business has grown substantially to the point where common studios are being purchased by major conglomerates. You can find titles such as Ice Age which was produced by Blue Sky Studios and eventually picked up by 20th Century Fox. These larger companies want to produce lots of publicity for their movies, so you can often find old films with their websites still up and running online.

I want to present these film website layouts as an inspiration for other designers. Even if you are launching your own movie or film idea, it is worthwhile to have your own website. Many of these designs are built using Adobe Flash but that is not a requirement. In fact, a standard HTML/CSS website is probably better for SEO benefits and engaging a wider audience through mobile devices. Nonetheless these are some excellent sites worthy of a showcase gallery.

Rio 2

rio2 movie cartoon official website

The Dark Knight Rises

dark knight rises movie website

Arrested Development Documentary

fan-made documentary interviews official website

Monster’s University

disney pixar monsters university website layout

This is the End

This is the End scary movie website layout

End of the Road

economics money federal reserve movie official website endoftheroad

Grown Ups 2

grownups 2 movie official website


copperhead movie website official

Jeff Who Lives at Home

jeff lives at home official movie website

Man of Steel

superman of steel movie official site

The Great Gatsby

great gatsby official movie website layout

The Internship

the internship movie website layout

Hotel Transylvania

hotel transylvania movie cartoon sony website

The Wizard

wizard of oz disney movie website

The Smurfs 2

blue smurfs movie official website layout

Anchorman 2

anchorman2 movie website layout inspiring

Pitch Perfect

pitch perfect purple website movie layout

The Wolf of Wall Street

wolf of wall street movie website

Margin Call

margin call movie website layout

The Croods

animated claymation movie croods website layout


tom cruise movie oblivion website

Guilt Trip

guilt trip movie website layout

Fun Size

funsize movie victoria justice website

Project X

projectx movie website dark layout

Silver Linings Playbook

silver linings playbook movie website flash

Arthur Christmas

arthur christmas holiday movie website


the transformers movie website official

Hansel and Gretel

hansel gretel movie website layout

A Thousand Words

eddie murphy a thousand words movie website

American Reunion

american pie reunion movie official website

The Dictator

dictator middle east movie comedy website

Parental Guidance

parental guidance movie website layout official

The Campaign

campaign movie website layout inspiring

The Five Year Engagement

five year engagement movie website layout