35 Examples of Flat Portfolio Website Designs

Emerging trends in modern web design have brought about new layouts and new interface styles. Flat & metro design has become a huge design style amongst digital creatives. Simple flat UI elements combined into a minimalist layout provide an excellent solution for any professional designer’s website(or design team).

In this showcase I’ve compiled a number of brilliant flat website portfolios for design inspiration. If you need to update your own portfolio I’d recommend checking out any number of these examples. You might be surprised at the use of colors and tones which bring out a naturally flat yet interactive feeling on the page.

Erik Ford

erik ford portfolio flat design ui

Brad Haynes

bradley haynes brad design portfolio


thrillbent portfolio design comics portfolio layout

Antonia Powers

caramel budgie portfolio design website ani powers

Guy Moorhouse

guy moorhouse portfolio website layout

Jonathan Da Costa

jonathan dacosta da costa portfolio layout

Pierrick Calvez

pierrick calvez portfolio flat layout design

Matthew D. Williams

matt matthew d williams designer portfolio

Oli Lisher

oli lisher portfolio website design layout

Peter Figasinski

peter figasinski portfolio website layout portfolio design

Danyel Perales

danyel perales portfolio design flat layout

Les McClaine

les mcclaine illustrator designer portfolio

Fran Krause

fran krause portfolio website layout homepage

Lorenzo Verzini

lorenzo verzini portfolio clean website layout

Justin Aguilar

justin aguilar portfolio website designer

Bob Galmarini

bob galmarini flat website layout design

Jan Valosek

jan valosek portfolio website layout design

Ashley Farrand

ashley farrand website portfolio layout flat

Cole Townsend

cole townsend flat portfolio website layout

2nd Floor

2nd floor portfolio website design

Luke Pearson

luke pearson website illustration comic homepage


etch apps studio flat website colors

Thomas Swellmann

thomas swellman portfolio illustrator designer

Edward Thring

edward thring portfolio flat website layout

Angie Wang

angie wang portfolio flat website layout

Zachary Taylor

zachary taylor portfolio website layout flat

Robby Leonardi

robby leonardi portfolio website flat homepage design

Lowbright Productions

simple minimal portfolio website layout lowbright

Kevin Cannon

kevin cannon cartoonist portfolio flat design

Aubrey Johnson

aubrey johnson software designer portfolio website

Roy Barber

roy barber website design flat inspiring layout

Tyler Johnson

tyler johnson portfolio flat website layout

Liz Walsh

liz walsh portfolio flat website layout

Andreas Schuster

andreas schuster portfolio layout white minimalist

Clint Tabone

clint tabone flat website layout inspiration design