35 Impressive Web Layouts with Vector Illustrations

I love finding new web illustrations for layouts and formal landing pages. Working with a skillset such as illustration brings a whole new world of digital design to the surface. Websites pop off the monitor when you characterize a logo or append beautiful scenery into the background.

Check out my collection below full of some incredible web illustration artwork. All the websites feature some type of graphic whether an animal, cartoon character, small icons, or luxurious scenery. And although I’ve put together this showcase it’s certainly not a complete listing. If you know about similar websites with graphic illustrations feel free to share links in the post comments.


Morphic design studio illustration

Where is my Milk From?

Online webapp where is my milk from?

Design Shovel

Design Shovel website layout

Fator Creative Studio

Fator website design illustration

Ready Made Designs

Ready Made Designs website


Signup e-mail landing page for birdboxx

Inservio Web Solutions

Inservio website solutions company

Toasted Digital

Toasted Digital media company

Cheeky Monkey Media

Cheeky Monkey Media web design

Digital Impact Outdoors

Digital Impact outdoors illustration for web

Branden Silva

Branden Silva web interface design

Blog Maison Ecologique

online illustration blog maison ecologique

Lost World’s Fair

website infographic traveling design

Arbel Designs

Arbel Designs website portfolio

Old Loft

Old Loft web design illustration

Pralinen Schachtel

german web design illustration

Piipe Online

Piipe fish vector artwork online

Fork CMS

open source fork cms web design

Doorstep Diary

website graphics illustration design

Free Agent Depot

web design illustration online

WordPress Farmer

Wordpress Farmer online theme illustration

Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore web design illustration


Envira media digital website solutions


Freelance jobs board Rocketlance


Online website illustration Lionite

Beautiful E-mails

Beautiful website e-mails design

Shark Lab

illustration creative website design

Let’s Do This!

download button graphics illustration

Blog What? Design

illustrative portfolio blog what design


portfolio Pampaneo illustration


Online web design portfolio Rawkes


Eanka illustration design graphics

Dean Oakley

Dean Oakley website designer portfolio

Brad Colbow

Brad Colbow portfolio website design

Bear CSS

Bear CSS website illustration