35 Perceptive Interviews with Web Designers & Developers

I’ve learned a lot about digital design by reading what other talented creative people have posted online. Interviews are just another way to understand the journey of being a designer and how you can achieve a level of success with hard work and perseverance. Solid advice can even help you avoid some nasty pitfalls, too.

This gallery includes 35 inspirational interviews focused on designers from all around the world. If you’re curious about the industry these articles are most definitely worth the read. I’ve been remarkably impressed with the quality and level of detail given by most interviewees. When in search for inspiration this set of interviews will surely captivate your mind and imagination.

Paul Boag

paul boag awwwards interview on design

Dan Cederholm

dan cederholm great discontent interview

Noah Stokes

noah stokes great discontent interview

Phil Coffman

phil coffman interview great discontent

Sarah Parmenter

sarah parmenter great discontent interview

Jeffrey Zeldman

jeffrey zeldman great discontent interview

Trent Walton

trent walton interview design great discontent

Matthew Smith

matthew smith great discontent interview

Josh Brewer

josh brewer great discontent interview

Ryan Sims

ryan sims great discontent interview

Tim Van Damme

tim van damme interview great discontent

Joshua Davis

joshua davis great discontent interview

Nicholas Felton

nicholas felton great discontent interview

Jeffrey Veen

jeffrey veen interview great discontent

Josh Long

josh long designer great discontent interview

Matt Mullenweg

smashing magazine matt mullenweg wordpress interview

John Resig #1

john resig sitepoint interview jquery development

John Resig #2

john resig html it interview creator jquery

Stephen McMahon

stephen mcmahon designer interview user experience

Leandro Puca

leandro puca ux design interview medium

Ionut Zamfir

ionut zamfir interview ux design medium

Regina Casaleggio

regina casaleggio interview ui designer

Vincent Tantardini

vincent tantardini interview ui ux design

Kerem Suer

kerem suer creative director interview designer

Vitaly Friedman

vitaly friedman smashing magazine design interview

Rafal Tomal

rafal tomal interview web designer

Jacob Cass

interview with jacob cass graphic design

Dribbble Co-Founder Dan Cederholm

dan cederholm webdesigner depot interview dribbble

Luke Wroblewski

luke wroblewski interview mobile designer

Matt Dempsey

ui ux designer matt dempsey interview

Mike at Creative Mints Timeout

mike creative mints dribbble interview

Kerem Suer Timeout

kerem suer interview timeout dribbble

Sacha Greif Timeout

sacha greif interview dribbble timeout

Tomáš Silný

tomas silny interview creative director

Adelle Charles

adelle charles interview graphic designer

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