35 UX-Inspired E-Commerce Website Layouts

With our modern transition into digital currency the popularity of purchasing items online has increased tenfold. Within just the past few years we’ve seen a multitude of new brands launch online. Many articles have been published offering usability tips for e-commerce design following many examples.

Below I’ve put together 35 astoundingly easy-to-use digital shopping websites. These are all built and designed for the best user experience possible. It’s not uncommon to find such interfaces with Ajax-styled shopping carts and login forms. Great experience accounts for most of your visitor’s initial reactions and will be required to keep them hooked using your website.

Free People

Little Catwalk


The Brown Corporation

Giraffe Restaurants Shop

Don Saro

Blik Wall Decals

LemonStand App

Sticker Mule


Von Dutch


Kayley Jean’s American Homemade Cookies


Mission Bicycle Company

Me & Mommy-To-Be

WP Theme Market

Bonjour mon Coussin

IPB Forum Skins

Design by Humans

Wire & Twine

Rugby Ralph Lauren


Dream Template

Vanns Spices


William Rast

Pligg CMS

Paul Stuart

Gentleman’s Emporium

Custom Toronto


Wearable Print

A Modern Eden


Hopefully this gallery can get you started in the process of sculpting your creative ideas. Web design is at tricky subject, especially when discussing e-commerce. If you know of similar websites with great interfaces please share them in the comments below.


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    thank you so much for your examples, we are a new web design company and are currently building our first e-commerce site, your examples and advice have been invaluable to us. I will definantly be checking back here again thanks.

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    I think the next major step for e-commerce UX will be video. Some sites have already started doing this like ASOS for example with the catwalks and 360 views to help sell their products. As global Internet connection speeds increase, I hope to see more of this and I’m sure we will. Imagine full video e-commerce which allows the user to interact with the website on a different level…

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    List like these are nice from a creative resource perspective but I’d like to see what part of the site/flow is what makes it worth being noted. Many of these all follow virtually the same patterns and some are actually sort of awkward.

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    Oh wow these are awesome! We haven’t launched our e-commerce portion yet, should be within the next few months. I’d love to see more from these sets, though, as I love collection style posts. I find SpyreStudios offers some of the best when it comes to these

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