36 Brand New Freebie PSDs Released by Dribbble Members

Dribbble has quickly grown into the most amazing community for design inspiration. Members are constantly posting up shots for user interfaces, icons, and even full website layouts! Many times you’ll also notice these shots have an attached .PSD or .AI file free to download. This freedom of sharing open source graphics has really helped the worldwide community of designers.

In this gallery I’ve put together some of the newest Dribbble freebies published over this past summer in 2012. Members are always excited to share their latest works, and designers are just as excited to play around with their PSD files! This is especially beneficial to new designers who are still learning the ropes to proper Photoshop design etiquette. Feel free to go through our collection and download as many files as you need! You can also share any thoughts or questions with us in the post discussion area below.

User Login Freebie

User login form design PSD freebie

Login or Register

Login or Register form design freebie

Resources from GoSquared

Magic box icons design freebie PSD

Dribbble Box Icon

Icon design folder Dribbble PSD

Speaker + PSD

Freebie speaker design PSD download

Cotton Candy UI

Pink cotton candy website user interface freebie

Just Another Form

Just another website form PSD design

PSD Share Buttons

Social Media sharing buttons PSD

YouTube for iPhone

Custom YouTube iPhone app interface PSD

GTalk Concept

Google Talk application design PSD

Switch Control PSD

Control switch freebies PSD download

Corporate Website

Corporate website design freebie

Minui Kit

Freebie PSD mini ui kit download

Loading Circles

freebie PSD download loading circles

Upload in the Cloud

Upload files into the Cloud free psd

Share Buttons

Pinterest sharing buttons design icons

iPhone PSD Template

Download freebie psd iPhone 4S

Progress Steps

Progress bar website design freebie psd

Sign Up with Facebook

Sign Up with Facebook button

Modal Box PSD

Website confirm yes/no modal freebie PSD

Code Editor for OSX

Mac OS X Application interface PSD

Flyer PSD

Neon Club poster freebie PSD

World’s Cheapest Camera

Camera cheapest PSD freebie download

Merit Badges

Freebie PSD Merit Badges set #2

Dribbble Activity

Dribbble activity feed PSD freebie

Short E-mail PSD

PSD design for e-mail newsletter Photoshop

Edit Boxes

User interface PSD edit input boxes

Preview Video Player

preview psd freebie download video player

Dark UI Music Player

dark user interface music app interface

Invite Button

pink dribbble freebie invitation button PSD

Windows Notification UI

Windows OS notification interface display

Retro Music Player

Radio music player design interface

Ribbon Labels

freebie colorful ribbon labels PSD

Rocker Switch

Dark iPhone interface switch ui

Spotify Login

Spotify application interface login form freebie PSD

Search Box

Freebie website ui searchbox PSD download