37 Popular Shots Focused on Brilliant Website User Interfaces

The social design network Dribbble is full of some amazing work. You can find projects related to any type of digital interface imaginable. But there are also stunning works of illustration and game rendering, among many other offbeat categories.

In this showcase I would like to focus on website user interface design. Specifically I have put together 37 various UI elements found in common website layouts. Check out some of these posts and see if you can determine similar ideas for your own designs. Building a useful interface is key to gaining traffic and having people stick around long enough to use your website.

About Me

web design layout about me page

Workflow Infographic

website icons workflow timeline design

Dark Footer

clean footer web design layout

Cream Website

bright cream website layout design


website design layout timeline interface


portfolio website layout sidebar dark colors

Mobile Responsive Layout

eCommerce Christmas theme redesign mobile smartphones

eCommerce News List

news links website interface eCommerce

YouTube Redesign

minimalist YouTube website redesign responsive

MFG Website

mfg labs website screenshot layout dark

Microsoft Concurrency

Microsoft website official Concurrency project dark design

To-Do Webapp

create new task todo list website application

Photography Portfolio

dark photography website portfolio layout inspiration

Bobo User Profile

social network BoBo user profile webpage layout

Illustrated Header

top navigation bar illustration website header

Contact Us

green design agency website contact form

Portfolio Homepage

final redesign homepage website layout

Filter Search Results

website user interface layout search keywords filtering

Donations Box

website user interface layout donations

Dropdown Menu

dark navigation dropdown menu list html5

Product Details

shopping ecommerce website layout products quantity

Submit Button

website interface button green gradient submit

Archives Timeline

Wordpress posts website dates timeline interface

FlightDeck Sign In

custom flightdeck login form design website

Cloud Upload Form

cloud hosting website image upload form

Timeline History

css3 timeline history events webpage

Website Popup

modal popup window javascript website layout

Sign-Up & Login Tabs

user signup login form tabbed website interface

Wingly Landing Page

iPhone Wingly landing page website design

Collector Photo Gallery

Collector website design layout gallery showcase

Social Interface

social media networking website design layout

Lean Startup Landing Page

Lean Startup homepage book landing design

News Website

blue US News website design layout magazine

Mapview Tooltip

Dynamic website maps view with user tooltip geolocation

ExpatFlat Homepage

red design agency website layout complete full

Home Details

homepage graphics stats services details webpage layout

Featured Services

webpage portfolio featured design services list