38 Best Interface Design Categories found in PatternTap

I think many designers are familiar with Pattern Tap as being the creative gallery of unique website elements. Their submissions are based on real websites which focus solely on one aspect of the page – like navigation or columns or thumbnails. Each of these website galleries can offer plenty of inspiration when going to construct your own projects.

Thus I have put together 38 of my favorite interface design categories found within PatternTap. Browse through the collection and see if you can locate any categories which really stand out to you. PatternTap is always updating with new designs, so check back frequently and make sure you don’t miss anything good. Also if you have similar ideas or questions about the showcase you can share with us in the post discussion area below.


website apps tooltips interface gallery

User Profiles

user profile gallery patterntap inspiration


patterntap gallery portfolio website layouts


thumbnails working interfaces website layouts


website layout backgrounds photos videos gallery

Website Tours

walkthroughs tours features website interfaces


website subnav interface layout inspiration webdesign


threaded user comments website interface gallery

About Pages

website about us webpage design inspiration gallery patterntap


website video players interface ui webdesign gallery


mobile app settings pages interface gallery


website pricing tables interface ui design

Signup Forms

website design gallery inspiration signup pages

Contact Pages

website contact pages intformation interface gallery ui


website breadcrumbs ui design layout inspiration gallery


patterntap gallery website ui tabs inspiration

Search Fields

input forms gallery search website patterntap

Loading Screens

loading screen interface webdesign inspiration gallery

Login Forms

login form website design inspiration patterntap

Internal Ads

website internal advertisement blocks design patterntap


website ui interface design calendars patterntap


headers website layout design inspiration patterntap

Blog Websites

blog website layout inspiration gallery

Web Copy

website written webcopy design inspiration gallery


website icons flat inspiration gallery


webdesign illustrations inspiration gallery showcase

Web Forms

generic website forms webdesign inspiration patterntap gallery

Anchor Links

webdesign patterntap gallery interface links


website image borders interface ui inspiration


ecommerce sales website layout inspiration gallery

FAQ Pages

website faq pages patterntap gallery inspiration


website layout buttons interface css webdesign trends gallery

News Feeds

webpage mobile news feeds streaming gallery patterntap


website footer design inspiration gallery patterntap

Error/Warning Alerts

ajax messages boxes inspiration gallery webdesign

Friends Listing

list of friends profile pages webdesign inspiration gallery

Article Pages

website webdesign layouts articles blogs patterntap gallery

404/500 Pages

website 404 500 error pages server patterntap gallery