38 Free Open Source CSS Dropdown Navigation Menus

Constructing a website from scratch has become easier and less stressful over these past few years. I find myself ripping out fewer and fewer hairs as more open source projects become available. One of the most common UI elements would be a dropdown menu for multi-tier navigation.

In the past I’ve written about coding a jQuery drop down menu which uses a typical JavaScript technique. Yet pure CSS is quickly becoming the fastest and easiest method for rapid prototyping. This gallery includes a large collection of free open source CSS dropdown menus which you can use for any website project. Some examples are more aesthetically pleasing than others, but it’s easy to restyle a menu where the functionality is already in place.

Animated Responsive Menu

dark dropdown animated css3 design navigation

Pure CSS Navigation

pure css navigation menu open source

Long Dropdown Menu

long scrolling drop down menu css effect

Flexbox Dropdown

typical navigation dropdown flexbox design interface

CSS-Only Menu

navigation menu css design open source code

Simple CSS Menu

pure css menu navigation design dropdown

Bootstrap Mega Menu

bootstrap mega navigation menu interface

Drop Down Menu

simple css drop down navigation toggle menu

Clean Grey Nav

clean navigation grey drop down menu

Simple Toggle Menu

css toggle menu jquery open source code

Bubble Dropdown

twitter bootstrap dropdown menu bubble arrow

Pure CSS Menu

blue menu pure css open source code

Animated Dropdown

drop down animated navigation dark interface

Lava Lamp Navigation

animated lava lamp navigation dropdown menu

Multi-Level Nav

dark multi level navigation menu animated css3

Clean Simple Navbar

dropdown simple navigation menu multi level

Horizontal Navbar

dark red orange menu navigation dropdown

Multi-Toggle Nav

multi navigation menu toggle dropdown

Infinite Multi-Level

infinite multi level navigation drop down menu

Gradient Navbar

dark gradient navigation bar dropdown

Nested Dropdown

nested drop down navigation menu css

Pure CSS Hover

pure css hover navigation menu dropdown

CSS3 Multi-Level Dropdown

css3 simple drop down navigation menu ui

CSS Only Menu

css only dropdown menu open source

Pure CSS Menu

pure css drop down menu navigation

Simple CSS3 Menu

simple css3 menu dropdown navigation

Facebook-Style Menu

fb facebook style menu navigation dropdown

Smooth Dropdown

smooth css3 navigation drop down animation

Unfolding Dropdown

navigation unfold menu dropdown effect

Speech Bubble Menu

arrow tooltip dropdown navigation menu submenu

Bold and Beautiful Dropdown

bold beautiful drop down navigation effect

Skyrim-Inspired Menu

skyrim style design menu submenu effect

Pure CSS Dropdown

pure css drop down navigation menu submenu

Grey CSS Menu

grey css dropdown navigation menu open source

Responsive Dropdown Menu

mobile responsive drop down menu open source

Multi-Level Menu

multi level drop down navigation menu open source

Simplistic Dropdown

simple navigation menu dropdown clean effect

Tiered Dropdown Nav

dark navigation horizontal menu dropdown effect css