40 Amazing Minimalist Website Designs For Your Inspiration

Minimalism is beautiful. It truly is. The best part about minimalism in web design is that it comes in many styles, colors and sizes, but they always have the same goal in mind – saying the most while saying the least.

A great quote by Albert Einstein can sum up minimalism (in my opinion) 100%.

Everything should be as simple as possible, but never simpler.

In essence, this is exactly what minimalism in web design is – saying something as simple as possible, but not simpler. It’s a beautiful thing. So, below I’ve rounded up 40 amazing minimalist web designs for you to be inspired by.

The Consult ↓

The Consult

Sideshow Press ↓

Sideshow Press

Adam Hoganson ↓

Adam Hoganson

Invoko ↓


Maxence Guillaume ↓


Made With Love ↓

Made With Love

Royale ↓


Proclaim Design ↓

Proclaim Design

Web Is Love ↓

Web Is Love

I am Docto ↓

I Am Docto

Jack Osborne ↓

Jack Osborne

Rodney Keeling ↓

Rodney Keeling

The Rules of a Gentleman ↓

the rules of a gentleman

David Salvatori ↓

David Salvatori

Brett Arthur ↓

Brett Arthur

Infinitum ↓


Kilian Muster ↓

Kilian Muster

Druck Deine Diplomarbeit! ↓

Druck Deine Diplomarbeit!

Design Vetica ↓

Design Vetica

We Are Sofa ↓

We Are Sofa

Nation ↓


Bedrich Rios ↓


Definium ↓


Salvator ↓


West Coast Design Co. ↓

West Coast Design Co

Benny Roth ↓

benny roth

Simon Collison ↓

Simon Collison

SucraM ↓


Bill Gates ↓

Bill Gates

Distinctive Catering ↓

Distinctive Catering

Breezy Baby ↓

Breezy Baby

Neue Blanc ↓

Neue Blanc

Corvid Creative ↓

Corvid Creative

Jump Media ↓

Jump Media

Speak Creative ↓

Speak Creative

Matt Kursmark ↓

Matt Kursmark

Information Highwayman ↓

Information Highwayman

Public Facing ↓

Public Facing

52 Weeks of UX ↓

52 Weeks of UX

Carsonispace ↓


Which design is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments which design from the list above is your favorite. If there’s one you love that isn’t on the list, feel free to link it in the comments so we can check it out – We’re always on the hunt for amazing minimalism here on SpyreStudios :)

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  1. says

    Amazing collection. I was distracted for over an hour looking at all of these. Thanks, I guess!

    One thing, however – the Design Vetica link isn’t working.

  2. says

    Love these lists mate!

    Last time I checked one out and saw The Rules of an Gentleman, created my own but regarding advertising men. Maybe it will make a spot on the next list?

    Keep ’em coming!

  3. says

    I loved all this Web design and it was really very cool pictures so i have been looking forward to start my own creative website with the design like this one.

  4. says

    Hi, well done, I love minimalism. My favourite in this list is ‘We are sofa’.
    As to minimalistic sites: check out my wesite too, I hope you’ll like it! Cheers

  5. says

    Good collection of some elegant designs. I think my favorite was the “Design Vetica” one. Thanks for this article

  6. says


    Nice showcase, minimal is my favourite style so it’s good to know what is around the web in that topic.

    This style becomes one of the 2010 design trends, and sometimes I’ve got strange feeling, that when I’m checking similar minimal/clean design showcases, most of the pages I’ve seen somewhere before, but with other branding. Maybe it’s because a lot have been already said in web design…

  7. says

    As you can see by my portfolio site, I’ve always been a big fan of minimalism. Mine emphasizes nice typography, and uses a little bit of php to automatically link each new case study.

  8. says

    Minimal is definetly the way to go in my humble opinion. It just shows the user the immediate purpose of a design and how to use it, simple!

  9. says

    Great designs! I’ve always been a minimalist at heart … K.I.S.S. right? – so these are right up my alley. Thanks …

  10. says

    You have nice collection of designs. I believe minimalism is the trend this year. I like it more if it would be simple. Some websites are too exaggerating in terms of designing their website. Good thing my web designers gave me advices on which is more appealing and beautiful in terms of web design. ;)

  11. David Foreman says

    Delicious spreads – well chosen. Why complicate an online communication when they can be designed to speak as clearly as your examples? Discussing minimalism on the internet, a friend recommended I check out this site: http://www.alancaseydesign.com. It has just the right balance of imagery and crisp typography; you might like it.
    Thanks for the list, great work.

  12. says

    I like this list. Another site I liked that wasn’t on here is beststartpageever.com. The design is clean, and the site itself can be pretty useful. That’s just my opinion though.


  1. 40 Excellent Minimalist Web-Designs From Which To Drawn Inspiration…

    Minimalism is beautiful. It truly is. The best part about minimalism in web design is that it comes in many styles, colors and sizes, but they always have the same goal in mind – saying the most while saying the least….

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