40 Well-Designed Blue Website Layouts

Recently we have been publishing a good collection of color-centric website galleries. These focus on beautiful website designs utilizing a specific color scheme. Often times graphics and other UI elements can blend nicely with a monochromatic theme – or even incorporating a small handful of colors together.

In this gallery I have put together 40 eye-catching blue websites for design inspiration. Blue is a very common color choice among designers, so I have tried using discretion when picking out examples for this post. Many of the sites incorporate dynamic features or more advanced web design trends. But anyone who needs some blue design inspiration will surely fall in love with these example website layouts.

Gradient App

osx mac gradient app homepage layout

Fork CMS

blue website fork cms layout inspiring design


goodfoot app mobile website ios iphone

IPB Forum Skins

ipb forum skins invision power boards blue website

Critical Zero

blue website layout critical zero


snailbird blue layout interface website


feedstitch blue website layout startup homepage


blue billykick website layout inspiration


website illustrations blue icebrrg startup

Tim Potter

tjpotter tim potter freelance website layout

Rico Baldegger

blue website layout rico baldegger

DrupalCon Denver 2012

drupalcon denver 2012 website conference blue


blue inky startup website layout inspiration

Blue Acorn

blueacorn website design homepage

Bottled Sky

bottled sky website wordpress blog theme

Our Swiss Life

our swiss life website blue design

Speed Texting

speed texting blue website layout inspiring

Avius Insight

avius insight blue homepage layout

Digimurai Samurai

digimurai samurai design website layout

C Spire Wireless

cspire c spire wireless blue website

Open Public App

one open public app website blue layout

Joe Payton

joe joseph payton blue website layout

Waller Creek Design Competition

waller creek blue website final four


belong printed tshirts homepage blue layout

Power Of One

power of one website blue layout inspiring

IQ Digital Agency

iq digital agency blue website layout

Creative Nights

creative nights dark blue website layout

Commendable Kids

commendable kids website blue layout

Resume Baking

resume building baker online webapp startup

Aaron Walter

aaron walter blue website layout inspiring

Atlanta Web Week

blue conference website layout atlanta georgia


best pass blue dark website layout colors


iconjelly blue website layout design

Shelly Cooper

shelly cooper design blue homepage portfolio

Covington Aircraft

covington aircraft blue website layout design

Blue Sky Resumes

online resumes website layout design blue interface

Web Design People

blue web design people layout interface homepage


blue illustration homepage website layout srburns

Paraply App

paraply app homepage blue website layout

The Ship and The Sea

blue website ship and the sea homepage layout