40 CSS Apps, Tools, and Resources for Web Developers

The task of coding a new website is often repetitive and time-consuming. It takes effort and hard work to build an HTML/CSS layout fitted properly in all browsers. Alternatively the design process is much more fluid to allow for new ideas and thought patterns.

If you feel the web development cycle takes a bit too long then check out this fantastic gallery of CSS tools and resources. I’ve compiled a number of desktop applications, webapps, open source libraries and resources to help speed up CSS development. From beginners to experts alike, these resources should be useful to anyone who enjoys building great websites.

Gradient App

gradient app homepage layout design inspiration


mac osx coda app homepage design icon


espresso css editor ide app macrabbit

TopStyle 5

topstyle 5 html5 css3 design code windows software

Rapid CSS Editor

rapid css editor software website


livereload css edits live coffeescript sass less


briqs build responsive website layouts


xpressive css3 live design editor ide open source


procssor css formatter app open source

Hammer for Mac

hammer for mac osx app landing page


snippets app code snippet handler osx

CSS Image Encoder

css image encoder base64 osx app


tincta osx app mac design

CSS Beautifier

css beautifier website app mac osx design


css3 designer app mac osx software


breezy mac osx app design icon inspiration

CSS Lint

css lint mac app osx store design

CSS Flow Snippets

css flow snippets open source freebies

Minify CSS

minify css open source webapp tool

CSS3 Generator

css3 generator code webapp open source

Create CSS3

create css3 code webapp tool resource

CSS Deck

css deck webapp cloud ide editor


dabblet online css editor code ide


codepen cloud based ide editor css3 html5


less js css editor open source website

Sass Basics

sass basics guide tutorial beginner


compass css processor editor tool

Pure CSS

pure css library open source code design


formalize css library open source


normalize css open source library freebie


animate css open source library animation

CSS Buttons Library

free open source css buttons download


print css open source stylesheet download library


spritepad sprite editor css tool webapp

CSS Font Stack

font css stack family fonts webapp


entypo pictogram css webfont download free library

Sosa Web Font

sosa freebie icon font css download

Font Awesome

font awesome library css icons font css3

Best Practices for CSS Sprite Sheets

tools resources article guide to using css sprites

Manipulating SVG Icons with CSS

howto guide tutorial manipulate svg images css animation