40 Killer Minimalist Blog Designs

Regular readers of SpyreStudios will recognize that the love of minimalism runs pretty deep around here (judging by the minimalism articles we’ve published before: here, here and here). So today we’re going to explore the excellent use of minimalism in blog design.

The designers of these blogs knew what was important and made sure that the website focused on those pieces, and for that – we appreciate them.

Share Some Candy ↓

Share Some Candy



Brand New ↓

brand new

Information Architects ↓

information architects

The Designed ↓

The Designed

Heartworker ↓


Beyond the Pixels ↓

beyond the pixels

Jaboo ↓


Jonathan Snook ↓

Jonathan Snook

Kim Ellefsens Blog ↓

Kim Ellefsens

Human Resources ↓

human resources

Burstoid ↓


Max Voltar ↓

max voltar

Stefan Persson ↓

Stefan Persson

Triimpuls ↓


andread.it ↓


The Old Fashioned ↓

The Old Fashioned

Novak ↓


Nathan Borror ↓

Nathan Borror

The Post Family ↓

The Post Family

Inkcover ↓


Aphichat Panjamanee ↓

aphichat panjamanee

Design View ↓

Design View

This Made My Day ↓

This Made My Day

Posh CSS ↓

Posh CSS

daus.trala.la ↓


Arbol Textual ↓

Arbol Textual

Cynosura ↓


Reachably ↓


Quality Peoples ↓

quality peoples

Huwshimi ↓


Blanketrash ↓


It’s Nice That ↓

its nice that

Do it for the fame ↓

Do it for the fame

Minima ↓


Stuart Hobday ↓

Stuart Hobday

Spinz ↓


Daring Fireball ↓

Daring Fireball



I Love Typography ↓

#I Love Typography

In conclusion

I know the readers here have some minimal designs that weren’t on the list, so feel free to drop a comment and let us know. We’d love to check out your minimal sites – we seriously love them!

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  1. Minimalissimo says

    Guys, also check out Minimalissimo at htp://minimalissimo.com. We blog about minimalist design and try to practice what we preach!

  2. says

    One of my websites is fairly minimal: http://www.filoflow.com
    (Though also because of the original WordPress theme).

    This list of minimal sites is good – I haven’t seen most of the before so it doesn’t appear to be a rehash of all the known sites out there.

  3. Rafael says

    Some really great sites, not only for their looks but, of course, because of their content.
    I’ve added some to my list of sites to visit at least weekly, thanks.

  4. says

    Excellent collection! Minimalist designs are one of my favourite styles! They look simple, but it can can take quite a bit of work to make sure it’s done right.

  5. says

    Excellent round-up!I’ve always been a fan of minimalist website designs. These websites look really pleasing to the eyes. With these nice and clean website designs, readers will definitely focus all their attention on the website’s content which is a great thing.

  6. says

    Very nice specimen.

    Creating a minimalist design is real art. It is much more difficult than putting up a colorful design. It takes an artistic eye to remove everything that is not needed and still achieve the sense of completion.

  7. says

    It’s nice to see a fresh set of designs…but to be honest a great deal of these have been re-hashed so many times its a bit disappointing.

  8. says

    I wonder why more people don’t work towards having a more minimalist style blog. It really makes it so much easier to read and makes you want to keep coming back as a reader. Great inspiration with these. Thanks.

  9. says

    Lovely post. Some of those blogs are really nice. I am a big fan of minimalist web design, as usually it looks better.

    For blog sites minimalism usually works better than if it were a kids toy shop for example, so minimalism has it’s place.

    This post definitely shows it at it’s best!

  10. says

    These were def some of the most aesthetically pleasing Themes & I will have to agree w/ @ Rodrigo Teixeira , the primary focus is def on the content and nothing else. Great compilation .

    Best regards :)

  11. says

    The modern beauty and pain of Photoshop is that you can do anything. Look back at design before they had computers and you see real creativity.

    This is a great list of sites that simply tell a story. Design doesn’t have to be fancy. Actually most overly textured/colored design comes across as unorganized to me. My site tries to be simple too, though I probably throw in a few more details than are necessary.

  12. says

    This is a fantastic collection, can certainly see why it has been tweeted a great deal! :~) You have included some of my favorites and many soon to be new ones. Thank you for this round-up! Would love to have my own minimal blog design considered for inclusion in a future list.


  13. says

    Wow, thanks for the feature! (Jaboo)
    Didn’t knew about it, until someone commented on one of my posts that Spyre featured me haha

  14. says

    Great list! Our company’s blog incorporates a lot of the minimalist features in order to present an easy to use, clean interface for our visitors, just like the examples you listed above. It’s unfortunate that a lot of amateur developers are modeling everything in the web2.0 fashion and actually taking away from usability, so minimalism is a good response to that trend.

  15. says

    I really loved the Stuart Hobday site, very clean with great text. I just found your site, and looking for to reading the rest of your posts. Check out my blogsite dlcinteriordesign.com/blog.

  16. says

    What a wonderful list, I adore jaboo, bookmarked the page to look upon now and then when I find myself following a path of grunge and horrible complicatedness ™

  17. says

    Minimalism is one of my favourite types of web design. I think that some people think that because they look simple, that they are easier to do or should cost less.


  1. 40 Killer Minimalist Blog Designs…

    Let’s explore the excellent use of minimalism in blog design. The designers of these blogs knew what was important and made sure that the website focused on those pieces, and for that – we appreciate them….

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