40 Sexy And Creative Typographic Logo Designs

I have always loved looking at well-designed logos and I like it even more when they feature great typography (hey, after all typography is sexy!) So, lately I’ve been looking for some inspiration for a new project and thought I’d check out some logo galleries to get those creative juices flowing.

I hope you enjoy this post! Please take a minute to tell us which ones are your favorites in the comment section below! :)

Ant ↓


Dash ↓


Killed Productions ↓

Killed Productions

365 Design ↓

365 Design

Neck & Body ↓

Neck & Body

Foot ↓


DJ Loop ↓

DJ Loop

Ripple ↓


Typies ↓


Bio ↓


Seolution ↓


Wrong / Right ↓

Wrong / Right

Vuzum ↓


Big Shift ↓

Big Shift

Hole ↓


Open Box ↓

Open Box

Umbrella Prints ↓

Umbrella Prints

Wave ↓


Look ↓


MonKey ↓


Get Wired ↓

Get Wired

Spry ↓


Fhoke ↓


Half ↓


eHome ↓


Cloud Corner ↓

Cloud Corner

Crown ↓


Seven Sparrows ↓

Seven Sparrows

XMas ↓


Code Maus ↓

Code Maus

Dense ↓


Ecofood ↓


Code Fish ↓

Code Fish

La Femme ↓

La Femme

Hero ↓


5 Locks ↓

5 Locks

Chat Noir ↓

Chat Noir

Up ↓


Bar Code ↓

Bar Code

Dark Bird ↓

Dark Bird

Your Turn To Talk

So, which ones are your favorites? Have you seen any more typographic logos that should be mentioned on this list? Please feel free to share them with the rest of us!

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  1. says

    Nicely done sir!

    I’m definitely a big fan of typographic logos. As you so aptly stated, they are both creative and sexy ;)

    My favorites are Killed Productions and 5 Locks. What are yours?

  2. brett says

    Nice stuff. I especially like Hole and Get Wired. Hole for it’s simplicity and Get Wired for the multiple meaning of the image.

  3. Taylor says

    I’m really digging the Killed Productions one! It’s pretty clever.
    I like the Spry one, too. It appeals to my love for swirly things.

  4. says

    Wow, these are great!
    I loved the ones that weren’t obvious at first, like 365 and 5 Locks, but I also love the simple ones, like OpenBox.
    Typography logos are so awesome.

  5. says

    Wow, really nice and also fantastic ideas. I love the combinations of typo and clear, simple symbols! My favorite is the hole-logo, it’s awesome.

  6. says

    I really don’t like the 365 design and 5 locks designs. I’m all about hiding little opitcal shapes in logo’s, like the Fedex arrow, but without already known the names of those 2 companies I would never figure it out which doesn’t seem good for brand identity. If I saw one of those logos and wanted to google for them I would never get their.

  7. dreWii says

    These are all really good. With the “CodeFish,” had you considered “CōdFish?” The pronunciation would be the same, but it would get the appearance of being “CodFish,” which works for obvious reasons; of course, on the same token, people who wouldn’t get the pronunciation of the “ō” would consistently say it wrong, but it’s not really about them. Keep up the good work.

  8. beto says

    c r o W n is truly delicious!
    5OCKS (hehe) is truly AMAZING and genius.
    FoOT is incredible.
    wave flows OH so deliciously.

    haha, great set.

  9. says

    Instead of starting from a concept and ending with a logo most of these start out with a logo then work their way back. Either that or companies are getting rather frivolous with their branding (or desperate) They are still very inspiring. Humans are so much fun.

  10. says

    @All: Glad you enjoyed this post! :)

    @Sasha Endoh: I’d say my favorites are Ant, Foot and Dense (though I chose those 40 logos cause I liked them all hehe)

  11. says

    5 locks is awesome! Killed is really great, too. Black cat (chat noir) is clever but not really appealling aesthetically…

  12. says

    I saw the HALF logo a few months ago for the first time and it is sheer creative brilliance… minus extra horizontal lines.

  13. says

    It is cute and extremely artistic, Thanks a lot to include this all logos

    The entire logo is grand! I appreciated the cloud corner logo between all the others logo

    Just Excellent

  14. says

    So many great logos, too hard to choose a favorite.
    But, is that “5” a mistake in CodeMouse?

    Great work,


  15. says

    Quite simply one of the best logo collections I’ve ever come across. So clever and so many I’ve not seen before. Bookmarked for sure, thanks for this.

  16. says

    Some are pretty creative, some are cute and then you have 365 design. Sure, I can ‘see’ the 365, but the great thing about making people remember you is having something that they can associate with your name. Nike had the swoosh character for a long time and people connected on to the other. Now they can just use the swoosh because it has become something people just recognize.

  17. maaz says

    very awesome ideas!! one of the best logos especially 5locks the best………………..!

  18. says

    Love it all! It was definitely a brilliant post. I also like to share with you the Amazon.com.
    If you check its logo, It was simply affirmed as From A to Z,,,look at the arrow, let the arrow speaks for itself.

  19. Elina says

    I like two logos very much: wrong / right and get wired.
    Others are also amazing, but at first sight i remember only two logos ;)
    Thanx for your super collection!

  20. says

    Nice selection of logotypes … really enjoyed to see them all!

    What I find ironic is that I went yesterday to a footwear shop here in Portugal called loop … and now I saw this selection of logos I know one thing for sure … either that DJ loop or the loop store commited a serious case of plagiarism :D

    I’m betting on the DJ … that logo has the symbols inside the typo that kind of don’t fit nicely there :)


  21. mark says

    My favorites are Killed Production and Half – both clever design. Also check out FedEx logo which is very clever once you see the idea …

  22. bEATRIZ says

    Que geniales son !!! Estoy buscando crearme un logo para mi marca y estos me dieron grandes ideas, son super sencillos pero son geniales.

    Gracias po compartir

  23. cyril says

    awesome.. simply awesome.. every other logo has its own beauty..
    Are you still a freelancer? Can you still create one if I want or somethin?

  24. says

    There is no better form of logo than the typographic logo surely – simple, clean, effective.

    Thanks for sharing!

  25. RAGHUL says

    hey nice logos.. really its rockin..seven sparrows i liked very much…..can u suggest sum logo design for “Gateway Awards”..its a college media dept competition….

  26. says

    Truly inspirational collection. Logo design is so special compared to webdesign. Just stick to the rules and be creative … what’s a paradox!

  27. says

    I wouldn’t have figured out 365 Design immediately if the caption wasn’t given.
    My favorites are : Ant, 5 Locks & Umbrella Prints.

    Thanks for sharing.

  28. says

    Exceptional collection! I truly am in awe when I discover such creativity. To see how these designers could crystallize their clever ideas through these beautiful custom logo designs inspired me! Thank you.

  29. says

    One thing I’m always wondering though.

    Aside from the cool factor, do those logos actually made a succesful brand? Do they appear in printed design magazines? Those logos look so web 2.0-ish and I’m not sure if those are only popular among web/contemporary graphic designers or are actually widely recognized.

  30. says

    Thank you for the article. I just about passed your we site up in Bing but now I’m glad I clicked the link and got to go through it. I’m definitely a lot more informed now.


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