40 Stunning iOS App Icons for Design Inspiration

There is no denying the popularity of Apple’s iOS App Store. There are more developers joining and publishing their apps every week. And the process is moving so quickly that smaller apps with amazing features can get pushed underneath the rug.

I want to dedicate this showcase to some amazing iPhone and iPad app icons. Dribbble members have often been designing these formatted icons for inspiring developers to build upon. And even aside from the app ideas you can brainstorm some fantastic icons by working off such a talented collection. Feel free to share your thoughts or similar icons in our post discussion area below.

Game Icon in Progress

Candy UFO iOS game icon

Camping App Icon

Camping iPhone App Icon

Old Book Icon

Infinity old mystic book icon

Milk Order

milk jugs glasses icon

iOS Camera/Printer

iPhone Camera printer icon design

Braun Radio

iOS Icon Braun Radio app

Taxi App

NYC Taxi Car Door icon

Multilocker Icon

metal safe icon

Dandelion Icon

iPhone iOS Dandelion Icon

Tadakyoku Icon

Japanese iOS iPhone application

Tevee iOS Icon

Tevee Television app icon iOS

eCommerce Icon

eCommerce clothes sweater iOS icon

Siri-Style Mic

Siri style microphone iOS app icon

iOS Maps

iPhone iOS Maps Icons

Word Count

iPhone iOS design app icon word counter

Hole19 iOS Icon

Golfing iOS App Icon design

Fashion Week for iOS

Catwalk fashion week design icon

Memory Jar

iOS Memory Jar app icon

Safe Icon

Chrome Metallic safe icon design

Cute Sushi Icon

cute sushi smiling iOS app icon

Font Book for iOS

iPhone iOS Font Book icon

My Tokyo App

Kimono design iPhone iOS Icon

Salad Recipes

Salad iPhone iOS Icon design

Pilot Pro

Pilot badge pro app icon


Superhero Shield iOS App Icon

iOS Camera Icon

Camera app icon lens design

Learn Around

Learn Around iOS iPhone app icon


iPhone iOS App Icon design

Slots Race

slot machine race app icon design

Shazam iOS Icon

Shazam iOS Hard Disk Icon

Hemoglobe Logo

Globe Icon design iPhone App

Stardogs Hot Dogs

iOS App Icon for Hot Dogs Logo

Wooden Cabinet

Filing Cabinet directory app icon

Tumblr Book

iPhone iOS Tumblr book app icon

FRVNT iOS App Icon

FRVNT logo iPhone/iPad app icon design

SmashApp Icon

gaming smashing app icon design

New Twitter

Branding Twitter blues gradient app icon


Cloudbox iOS app icon design

PlayStation 2

iPhone iOS PS2 App Icon

Just Landed App

Airplane app icon design