41 Examples of Sketches and Drawings in Website Layouts

The trends for website designers have been constantly changing and adjusting over time. Sketches and illustrations are very common as background interfaces. But what about applying sketched/drawn elements into your common UI elements? These may include navigation links, buttons, ribbons, content headers, search bars, and lots of other possibilities.

In this showcase I have collected 41 specific examples which demonstrate these techniques. I’ve picked only websites which I feel exemplify the idea of sketched website layouts. It is my hope that other designers can learn from these techniques and possibly apply them into future ideas. This is a great resource for inspiration and should prove useful for mostly every website designer.

Toasted Digital

toasted digital website illustrations layout

Carnet Ordinaire

french website design layout specs illustration

Hugs for Monsters

hugs for monsters illustration website layout


Toucouleur website watercolor layout design

Denise Chandler

teal blue website layout drawn sketches


snailbird blog layout illustration header forest

Art Attackk

art attackk website layout illustrations sketches


lionite website sketches illustrated header

Kutztown University

kutztown university website layout design illustrations


dax and alice website illustrations graphics

Clever Craft

arts crafts website layout illustrations


justdot website layout illustrations graphics


natrashka website illustrations graphics

Kez Human Jukebox

writing portfolio website kez jukebox musical

Draw For Joy

draw for joy website illustrations sketches

Legwork Studio

illustrated background effects graphics website studio design

Deborah Cavenaugh

deborah website portfolio layout designs icons


html5 lab website portfolio studio


JOBY website interface graphics designs


Bord iPhone app website interface layout

Heather Sloane

heather sloane website portfolio design illustrations


water flowers illustration website portfolio


creative dark portfolio illustrations website


watercolor illustration header website design

Dean Oakley

Dean Oakley website interface illustration design

Crayons Life

portfolio illustrations for Jesette Dayate Crayon blog design


10 words website interface illustrations rich purple

Robbin Waldemar

vimeo video streaming robbin waldemar sketching


bowtie period studio website illustration design

High on Pixels

high pixels dark website portfolio theme


xhtml cafe website design sketches illustration

Miki Mottes

Miki Mottes website portfolio illustrated graphics

Christian Sparrow

Christian Sparrow website illustrator designer portfolio

Sebastian Mrazek

classy light minimalist portfolio sketches mrazek

Me & Oli

meandoli website design illustrated layout sketch

Kevin Monger

Kevin Monger website portfolio design

Harry Ford

Harry Ford website illustration design layout

The Farmer & The Chef

graphics scene illustration cooker chef farming vegetables


basic white minimalist sketches layout design interface


Beavory website design sketches white black layouts

Marie Catribs

marie catribs